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  1. swellcat

    All Hail the Mighty Ditch Hunter

    With cover-thick ditches like those, legal access, and the countryside to yourself, as far as the eye can see, why wouldn't a person hunt those ditches? Beautiful, and obviously productive that day. What was the approximate range on that third shot?
  2. swellcat

    2021 Pheasant Hunting Videos

    Your videos are flinging a cravin' on me. It's also nice to get some sense of what that part of pheasant country is like.
  3. swellcat

    Where's the ammo?

    What do you consider ideal?
  4. swellcat

    Ready. Set. Stay.

    Snow is the dogless hunter's friend, so the Winter Wonderland forecast for 19-20 December (coinciding with a couple of weeknights off) got my attention. I bought the 2012 license. Printed out and numbered a dozen 2011 WIHA Atlas pages. Viewed maps. Considered destinations, routes, drive...
  5. swellcat

    Love to Be Around Rush Center About Now (26-27 January 2009)

    Edit The line between bravery and foolhardiness isn't always clear.
  6. swellcat

    Learning Distances/Ranges

    What are some of the best ways to learn to accurately judge target distances? Seems that skill must be important in trying to take only reasonable, ethical shots. On a recent outing, a hunter had the wrenching experience of an unrecovered fly off on a going away shot . . . even as feathers...