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    Moved for better Hunting & Fishing

    Just got done reading a thread on Bowsite titled "Moved for better hunting opps". Any of you Kansas guys change communities for better fishing and hunting opps? My wife and I are in our mid 40's and live in Mulvane. Our kids will be out of the house in 5 years and we will be looking to...
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    Pheasant license plate

    Looking at getting a new pheasant license plate for the front of the truck. I had a sweet looking, old school, Quail unlimited one until someone helped themselves to it. Been looking on-line and haven't really found one that catches my eye. Share 'em if you got 'em! Thanks
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    Little ones!

    Not much action on the Kansas board, figured I'd post a neat story. My family owns some ground in SE Kansas (an area with no wild pheasants) and 3 years ago we released some pheasants. If I remember right it was around 7 or 8 roosters and maybe 5 hens. Seen a couple of the roosters around for...
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    Tough hunting

    My buddies and I tried the NW part of the state this past weekend. Haven't hunted up there for 7 or 8 years but it's been such a struggle this year we decided to head back out there and give it a go. Man, tough hunting is an understatement! Maybe seen 10-12 pheasants in two days with 4 guys...
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    How's the season so far?

    Just checking in to see how everyone's season is going? Don't need locations or even parts of the state. For me and the couple guys I hunt with it's been a struggle to put birds in the truck. We've hunted 5 days now and it's been the worst year I can remember. Usually we don't have many...
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    Youth Season

    Took my 12 year old son and his best friend hunting yesterday. The first field was a long walk for the boys with only one hen being seen. About 50 yards from being back to the truck I was in the middle of thinking "well this hasn't gone as planned" when his friend stepped on a rooster!!! He...
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    Thinking at changing breeds

    Hey guys, hope you are all doing well. I've been pheasant hunting 25 years now and have always ran Shorthairs. I've been tinkering around with the idea of trying something different and have been looking at Brittany's and English Setters. Am I crazy??? Give me your thoughts please. Still...
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    Boundary Waters Fishing Trip

    Have any of you guys ever been? It's been on my bucket list, I plan on crossing it off this summer! 3 buddies and I are going to make the trip this summer. We just started looking into it, all newbies so plenty of things to research/learn. Just curious if anyone had any info to share...
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    Issue with dog's nose

    For the 3rd year in a row my 9 year old GSP has gotten something lodged in his nose. Happened Wednesday when we were hunting and he sneezed and sneezed trying to get it out. I thought he got it and then today he started sneezing again and I'm pretty sure it's still in there. The last two...
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    Youth Shotgun Question

    Hey guys, My 9 year old son asked Santa for a shotgun for Christmas, which made Daddy very happy! Anyways, looking for suggestions as I've never bought a youth model before. He's not the biggest 9 year old and he's pretty soft. Do I go with a 20 gauge or a 410? Single shot, pump or semi...
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    Help with jumping puppy

    Hey guys, I have a 8 month old shorthair I need some help with. My first two dogs I never really had an issue with them jumping up on people, but this pup is driving me nuts with it. He's gotten better with me (still slips up when he's really excited) but with my kids it's every time they are...
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    20 gauge steel shot

    I've been shooting a 12 gauge O/U for the last 15 years, made the decision to switch to a 20 this year. Love the gun and have been knocking them dead with Federal Premium Copper plated 5 shot. However, I have yet to find a steel shell worth a darn for the 20 gauge. So, you 20 gauge guys have...
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    Quail around Wichita

    Need to get some quail for the pup. You guys know of anyone around the Wichita area that has some this year? Thanks
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    Wooden Dog Box

    Looking at building a dog box, love the looks of a wooden dog box! You guys got any pics of some you would like to share? Thanks in advance
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    Shorthair Breeders

    Looking at getting a new pup this Spring/Summer. Any of you Kansas guys recommend anyone? Been looking and doing some research, figured I'd see if anyone has any suggestions. Really like the white & liver dogs. Thanks in advance and good luck this season.
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    Seeking Female

    Looking for a good female to breed my male with. Hoss is 6, white and liver and average size. I owned his Dad, best dog I've ever hunted behind and Hoss is pretty darn good too. Listens well, good nose and all around good dog. Got 3 or 4 guys that want pups out of this litter, won't have a...
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    Heck of a weekend!

    Went goose hunting Friday after work and shot 5. Went again Saturday morning and our group got 18. Got up this morning and went pheasant hunting and had my 4 bird limit in 30 minutes. My buddy shot 3 as well and we added a duck to the mix (All on public ground). Was home by noon with 7...
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    Kansas vs South Dakota

    Been debating something for a few weeks now, figured I'd see what your guys thoughts are. I have family ground in SW Kansas that we've (4 buddies and I) always hunted during opening weekend. Last year we hunted on public ground in a different part of the state due to the bird numbers in the SW...
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    Owings Dog Box

    Got a Owings two hole dog box with top storage, looking to sell it. Fits in a full size truck. Nice condition. $500, located South of Wichita, Kansas. I can e-mail pics if interested. Thanks
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    Cooking Chukar?

    Hey guys, Good buddy of mine went to a game farm last weekend and shot some chukar. He was nice enough to give them to me and I've never tasted/fixed chukar before. Looking for some recipes/ideas. Thanks in advance.