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    Releasing Quail Chicks

    Thanks for the advice but I don’t think I made my question clear. My intent isn’t to try to build a sustainable population with these chicks (as nice as that would be). The woman advised me to put out chicks in spring because they will learn to survive and therefore be better fliers and more...
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    Releasing Quail Chicks

    I recently spoke with someone who raises quail and pheasants and they suggested releasing 4-6 week old chicks in the spring. They said that they have a lot of clients who do this and if the client has sufficient habitat the birds will learn how to survive and will last until hunting season in...
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    .28 ga steel vs lead

    Im thinking about buying a 28 gauge but I predominantly public ground so i can only shoot steel. Does anyone have any experience on how to two compare? Will the steel be enough to kill a pheasant?
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    rabbit hunting

    I am from illinois and am looking for a place on the eastern side of the state that will accommodate hunters and a dog. We arent looking for pheasants, we are looking for rabbits. I have a beagle and I would like to get him on rabbits for a few more hunts this year. I would appreciate any...
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    Wtb quail

    I'm in Illinois and am looking for quail. I would prefer to find some within driving range but I am willing to pay shipping if the price is right.
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    Looking for quail

    I live in Illinois and I just built my first Johnny house. Does anyone know where I can buy quail in Illinois? I'm trying to avoid the high shipping charges.
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    food plot after winter wheat is picked

    We rotate winter wheat in three of our fields every year. After we pick the wheat in mid summer we do not touch the field until it is turned over and replanted the following spring. Do you guys have any thoughts on a good food plot to plant once the wheat is picked? It would have to be an...
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    How to make a predator proof Johnny House?

    what are some of the better alternatives to the expensive predator proof funnels that you guys have come up with? I'm thinking about building my first Johnny house but I dont want to cost to get out of hand since it is my first. I've gotten some insight from this site and others but any...
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    Good Perennials for cover

    I'm looking for some advice on perennials to plant for winter cover. I have a long creek bed that is too narrow to plant any anual food plots in but I'd like to plant sort of perennial grass for thick winter cover. Currently the creek has quit a few willow trees that will need to be removed...
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    What's a good book for pointer training?

    Hi guys. I just joined the forum and this is my first post so I'm hoping you can help me. I'm planning to buy a pointer but I haven't decided if I want a started dog or a puppy. Before I make that decision I want to determine what training a puppy will entail. I have a dog now so obedience...