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    Forum Upgrade

    We have upgraded the forum. Please report any bugs you see here. You will see a Media and Resources section where you can post photos and files in now.
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    New Email Server

    The UPH email server has been upgraded. Let me know if people are not getting emails. Everyone should be. More upgrades to come. Webguy
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    We have moved our forum to a new server. Please view the details at this thread:
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    New UPH Logo, Merchandise, Decals and Website On the Way

    New UPH brand, new logo, new sweatshirts, new hats, new shirts, decals for your vehicles, forum upgrade and last but not least... new website and new website layout. All merchandise will be available online to purchase Dec 1, 2012. More details to follow... New UPH Logo New Decals (Available...
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    1st Shotgun for Youth

    Gentlemen, What shotgun would you buy for a youth around 12 years old? Let's hear the input.
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    Testing the new email system.
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    Security Updates

    I had to install some server updates yesterday and into this morning for the Ultimate Pheasant Hunting forum board. Thanks for your patience. Welcome back. - Webguy
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    Question, can any of you guys read this: or does it say: "Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other...
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    To the UPH members - Thank you for letting the mods know about former member Phezslayer with his unnecessary bashing. He has been banned by one of the mods. Please let any of us or myself know if this happens again. Make sure to reference the thread or post the URL so we have a point of...
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    Logo Design & Artwork

    Thought I would make a post dedicated to show off some of the talent of my graphic designer. As some of you may know, I'm in the website and creative design business full time. It's a lot of fun to see these logo designs in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industries. My designer hand draw's a...
  11. webguy

    Buy: Ford F150 02-03

    If anyone has a Ford F150 2002 or 2003 they are looking to sell, please contact me. I'm looking to buy a Supercrew FX4 in any color and whatever options. Thanks.
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    Elkhunter1, False. I own the website. While I feel feedback is usually productive, coming out and publicly bashing UGUIDE is tasteless in my professional opinion. This could have been dealt with privately. I deleted the thread in violation of the Terms of Service. Everyone has a opinion and...
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    Server Outages

    UPH Members, We had some server outages the last hour. I appreciate your patience and everything should be restored back to normal. Webguy
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    North Dakota High-Fence Ban

    Slippery slope to more bans and taking away our rights as citizens. While some may disagree on the high-fence issue, this can be viewed as infringement on property rights and more government control. Links & more reading...
  15. webguy

    To Potential Forum Members

    To new and potential forum members, if you are just a casual browser, I encourage you to get registered on the forum board, introduce yourself and get involved in some of the discussions. Hunting With Forum Members: By joining our forum, you may even find yourself hunting with a few of our...
  16. webguy

    Blaze Hat On The Dash

    Question: Why do some of us as hunters put a blaze orange cap in the corner of the front dash? I was on I-90 in South Dakota and about every 9/10 hunting vehicles had the blaze caps in the corner of the front dash. Some even had a double going! Let's hear the psychological theories.
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    Server Changes

    We did some server maintenance last night and there were some server changes and updates. So thank you for your patience and no data was harmed or changed during this update. Webguy
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    Forum Board Changes

    Guys, I changed the Regional forums up a bit and gave some of the higher producing bird states/higher trafficked forum boards a little more prominence. If the other states start getting more action, I'll call those out as well. We are done for the day hunting here in Charles Mix county in...
  19. webguy

    Twins Clinch

    Twins clinch AL Central!
  20. webguy

    UPH Logos & Merchandise

    We have a whole slew of good quality merchandise coming with these logos on them.