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    Dead deer?

    The rut is very hard on bucks. Lots of bucks die every year from running themselves to death more or less. If they don’t eat and drink water cause they’re so amped up it takes a toll on them. They get injuries from fighting that can fatal. Rough life being a big whitetail
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    Best rural eats

    Place in Osborne ( if it’s still there). Best prime rib dinner on Saturday nights. Not sure what’s it’s called it’s right off the highway tho. Havnt been there in years
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    Agreed… lots can change after brood counts anyways. Just shows how spotty it can be
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    Opening Weekend in Kansas

    Unfortunately that map hasn’t changed in 25 years. No longer really relevant. Check out the brood map. It’s not very good this year.
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    Kansas IWIHA Reservations -

    Should just able to check in like normal and pick your area (after8 for early check in for the next morning) and click on that iwiha area if there’s spots available and it will say today or tomorrow and click tomorrows date. I’ve never had much problem other than people not checking out and it...
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    Dogs in the heat/cold

    Maybe I'm just over thinking everything but I can't decide what to do. I'd like to get a camper shell. Right now I have a big diamond deluxe box. It too big honestly. So I'll prolly get rid of it. Now my delima is ... with a camper shell what to do box wise when it's hot out. I also run...
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    Late season thoughts

    Season is winding. What are everyone thoughts? Does the population look to be good for breeding numbers? haven't been out since thanksgiving and saw very few hens. We did see a ton of quail. And I mean more than I've ever seen in my 26 years of life haha. Will be out in the nw part of the state...