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  1. Jake300win

    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    My local gun store has a good supply of pheasant and game loads for all gauges. Plenty of target ammo too. I have been buying the cheap federal 4 pack boxes of target loads at Walmart they are around $32.00 now.
  2. Jake300win

    Best GoPro 8 settings
  3. Jake300win

    Best GoPro 8 settings

    Yeah since the Seven Black edition they really haven't changed much. I leave my camera on the wide lense with pro tune most of the time. 1080p at 60fps. It's faster to upload that way, but you can still use the slow motion, and grab pictures from the video. You can change color and filters of...
  4. Jake300win

    What Pod Cast do you guys listen to?

    I like The flush pod cast, birds booze and buds, upland nation, bird shot, hunting dog pod cast, meat eater . I have a long drive to work so I can fit more than a few in each week
  5. Jake300win

    Magazine Subscription

    I feel the same way. Don't know if I will resubscribe next year.
  6. Jake300win

    Rising Costs

    That report is 4 years old.
  7. Jake300win

    Southern DIY Quail Hunt

    I have been saving up for Di lane hopefully get it this coming season
  8. Jake300win

    Southern DIY Quail Hunt

    It works but takes you a few years to build up points in GA anyway. Every year you get a point for applying to the wma you want to hunt. The more desirable locations take a few points to get drawn. It keeps the hunting pressure down on the birds. Most the WMA that have the hunts set up like...
  9. Jake300win

    Alpha 10 handheld

    After almost finishing the season. I can say that the alpha 10 was one of the best purchases I have made in awhile. I have been hunting dogs since early 2000's and wish I would have it then. No more listening to a beeper I can track my dogs on phone or hand held. I also like the info it...
  10. Jake300win

    Hunting Ohio’s Wild Pheasants

    The releases aren't bad, opening day and thanksgiving are usually busy on the WMA's. I still always find space and don't have many encounters with other hunter, especially if you go alone or one other person. I used to Kill plenty of birds during the week day when I worked third shift I would...
  11. Jake300win

    Hunting Ohio’s Wild Pheasants

    He's probably to busy cleaning all birds he shot to reply 😂
  12. Jake300win

    Upland birds in west, nw Ohio area

    Best pheasant hunting in Ohio is on the WMA's after they released them.
  13. Jake300win

    Southern DIY Quail Hunt

    I wouldn't recommend an out of state drive to GA for any public quail hunting. All the WMA's that have a decent quail population are limited to quota hunts.
  14. Jake300win

    Alpha 10 handheld

    Only gripe I have is the correction button could have better feel. It's hard to press down sometimes with gloves on. I have had my unit since August and it's held up great. I use it a few times every week.
  15. Jake300win


    Yep do it. I finally got the new alpha 10 and two tt15 collars. Its been so nice this season not listening to beepers or bells. Also it brings piece of mind when the dog gets out of sight. I did run a bells when I was hunting with a large group on opening day just so other hunters could no...
  16. Jake300win

    Why do you got what you got?

    I have a female GSP and Male Pointer. I have had a few GSP's and love the breed but my female is fixed, so I decided it was time to try something new after owning them for 20 years. After the short time of owning the pointer personality wise their isn't much difference between him and any male...
  17. Jake300win

    Looking for a new bird dog

    I have GSP and Elhew line English pointer. I don't see much difference between the two personality wise or in their hunting. Biggest difference is the GSP is a better retriever and likes water. The EP is easier to find in the field since it's white and has a little better nose. He also was...
  18. Jake300win

    Alpha 10 handheld

    The collar functions stay the same. You can't change between Vibrate Tone and Stimulation very fast with the 10. You only have the one button. I only run continuous stimulation so it's not a deal breaker for me. I have been able to feel and hear the point notifications fine. I don't have...
  19. Jake300win

    Alpha 10 handheld

    I have it. The hand held works great it's easy to use and pairs to my phone well. I am having a problem the last two days with my tt15 collars getting a gps signal after a update... They are still connecting to the Alpha 10 though.
  20. Jake300win

    Beeper collar vs GPS

    I just picked up the Alpha 10 a few weeks ago it's a good unit. But I wouldn't sell a 200i to down grade to the 10