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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    Everywhere I shop, the stores are swimming in 9mm, 7.62x51, .308 and .22 ammo but finding any decent 16 or 20 gauge loads, or for that matter any .204 Ruger or .38 special 148 grain target wadcutters, is proving difficult. Some are online but the shipping is almost prohibitive.
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    Looking into a 16 side by side

    The right 16 SxS, for me anyway, is the Merkel 1620. I bought one in 2003 and it has a pistol grip, slim forend, single trigger and 28" barrels choked IC/Mod. LOP was 13 7/8" which is just right for me with hunting clothes on. It weighs 6.2 lbs and is a true joy to carry and shoot. I'd like to...
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    I've got one of the newer Citori White Lightnings in 20 gauge. Barrel length is 28" There's enough weight out front to keep the barrel moving (for me) but not enough weight to bog me down. I shoot 1 ounce of #5 or #6 in it. Works well. Browning or Beretta are both quality firearms that seem to...
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    Kent Fast Lead

    Amen to the use of good standard field loads, been using Remington Express 16 gauge 1 1/8 ounce field loads in #5 and #6 for years, they don't let me down. How dead is dead?
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    Special shotgun ammo (Hevi-shot, Boss, Bismuth, etc.) are still ridiculously overpriced, if you could find them. Our local Wal Mart has Winchester Super Target #8's in 12 and 20 gauge for$8.48/box. They also have 1 ounce Federal (blue Box) loads (#7 1/2) in 12 gauge for $9.43. If you have a...
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    For Sale Remington 1100 Classic Feild 16 SOLD

    The 16 Classic's weight makes it a good target gun for Sporting, skeet, etc. and with some of the new 16 gauge non toxic loads, even a good duck gun. Speaking only for myself I'd get tired carrying it on an all day South Dakota quest for pheasants. The 1100 has been a great design over the...
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    For Sale Remington 1100 Classic Feild 16 SOLD

    I was looking at one several years ago when they first came out. The one I handled was way too heavy, for me at least, to be carrying around all day.
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    16 gauge hulls

    And where do you live? I have several hundred once fired 16 hulls---but no profit in shipping them; been there, experienced that....
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    SD in October - IC ok?

    I'm shooting an A5 Sweet 16 and an SBE III 20 gauge this coming Fall precisely BECAUSE my 12 gauge leaves me "beat down ass dragging". I checked my notes and photos from last season as am reminded that on November 11, northwest of Pierre SD, in a strong (dare I say screaming) wind, with birds...
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    Kent ultimate ammo

    My son just bought 6 boxes of 16 gauge Boss #5 ammo for me, as a birthday present ( I just turned 70)and I'm looking forward to trying it next Fall. I plan to shoot it in my A5 Sweet 16 with Invectors, or my Model 12 choked Mod.
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    SD in October - IC ok?

    Obi--a question such as you pose will be bound to elicit a variety of responses, some conflicting. I've shot 16 gauges on wild pheasants in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota for years. I've used full, mod and IC chokes. I usually use #5's and #6's, mostly in the Remington Express 1 1/8 ounce load...
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    Ukraine-Russia war

    The planting intentions report seems to indicate that notably less corn will be planted in 2022 due to the far higher costs/acre for corn. My former farm loan clients that I talk to in this area tend to corroborate this thinking. BUT it's too early to get a good idea of what's going in the...
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    Has anybody ever tried these shells?

    I saw the most sensible advice a couple of posts ago ("Shoot some and then form your opinion"). Everyone hunts with a different gun, maybe a different choke, probably a different breed of dog, trained to a different level of competency and hunting more or fewer days than yours truly. And of...
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    Agreed; some PF good, some not so good. You'll run into that whether it's PF, your Dr., your grocer, your barber, your local bank, or whatever. The cogent question would seem to be--where would pheasant numbers be WITHOUT PF? I am a Life member of PF-- that doesn't mean I back everything they...
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    SKB SxS 20 Gauge Shotguns

    The SKB 100's were a good value. They were never meant to compete with high dollar side by sides. SKB also brought out a wonderful bird gun with their English stocked, open-choked Model 280. It was and is a great quail and grouse gun. Wish I could find one NIB!
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    New A5 Sweet Sixteen review.

    Doesn't bother me---I've shot a number of pheasants and ducks with it since I got mine in late 2018. Carries like a feather.
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    Are you staying home?

    Just got fired up from Pheasant Fest--got an energy-crazed yellow Lab that lives to hunt birds---yeah buddy, I'm going next fall---more than once.
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    When do we start the push for change?

    I've never been hunting in Kansas--you missed MY point---never been, and after all this bashing I never intend to hunt there. You're so outraged at these farmers/landowners---the AUDACITY of them to hay and graze THEIR land in a drought so as to feed their livestock....yes, they entered a...
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    When do we start the push for change?

    No, Weim, I think I got the point exactly. Since December of last year I've been following the posters as they have been cussing/discussing the role of nonresident hunters vs. residents, the Kansas Fish & Wildlife Department, and the politicians and the role each plays in the blame game for...
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    When do we start the push for change?

    This is for sure, the BS on this thread is getting way too wearisome and pounding on each other isn't going to help anyone's cause. But you all did accomplish one a nonresident upland hunter, I NEVER want to hunt in Kansas where I'm not wanted. All you "residents" can spend your own...