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    All Hail the Mighty Ditch Hunter

    As long it is safe for the dog and legal, go for it Ace.
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    Huberds Shoe Grease

    Obenauf fan, oil or grease. I would generally wear out the toe of the boot long before the rest of the boot. Now I take the boots into a shoe shop and they apply what looks like bedliner, tough as nails. Toe of boot now wears like steel.
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    dog chow shortage

    My grandfather came over from the "Old Country" and enlisted in the Army before World War One. His expression was "Money talks and more money talks louder". Amen
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    Vet visit

    God bless
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    Hunting motivation

    Never realized I had so many brothers, God bless you and your families. Live like your dog and enjoy the moment.
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    Dangerous does

    Any mother can be fiercely protective.
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    Hunting motivation

    It is the adventure of what is over the horizon, a new rooster honey hole?? Follow the dog to anticipation of a flush. Sometimes I feel like a settler coming over the next hill looking for a new homestead. I love and look for new open spaces and places. C'mon mates, follow me.
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    Hunting motivation

    My motivation is hunting birds that think they can outsmart my dogs by hiding, they can't. One flush, one shot, one retrieve. It is always about the dog.
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    Getting Ready...

    I am in awe of anyone that completes a triathlon, my respect to RO.
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    Many are called, few are chosen. :)
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    I have tried quite a few, some I really liked the fit and finish, but did not kill with them. The gun should just come up smoothly and drop the bird. You will know when it fits you. We are all built different. Try them out at a skeet range first. For me it is a Beretta. Never a problem. I...
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    Ticks Are GROSS!!!

    Not really, male ticks do not attach, so you might always see some live tick nymphs or adults crawling around. Since it takes attachment in order to contact the meds we use, males are unaffected and are a non issue. Blood sucking females are the problem. Any time the temperature is 34F or...
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    Ticks Are GROSS!!!

    Male ticks do not feed on your dog, just hanging around for breeding. So just pick them off and destroy. Chewables for the dog and permethrin for us is the best. Try to remove before they attach, be diligent in a self exam.
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    To many hunters

    One cannot stockpile birds. If numbers are elevated then limits should follow and vice versa. We as hunters are most dependent on the hatch of the year and not the adult carry over birds. If the hunters do not harvest the bonus surplus, then nature will by local climate conditions. The...
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    Why do you got what you got?

    Josie is the sixth field bred golden for me, first one was born in 1979. All had hunted with their predecessor. Good hunting friend and I have had four sets of littermates. We hunt waterfowl to quail, mostly midwestern states or provinces. What I value most in my dogs have been prey drive and...
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    Spaying female bird dogs

    Genetics play a larger role in your dog’s health then timing of neutering/spay. We should be able to selectively remove genetic faults out of our favorite breeds given we have medical records for several generations in order to make positive improvements. Our health is driven by genetics, as...
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    Spaying female bird dogs

    The nose and testicles/ovaries are not directly connected. Next time you see an overweight person, ask them if they are neutered. Then run.
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    Lucky find over the weekend!!

    Lottery winner! C’mon man, spread the wealth.
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    SD in October - IC ok?

    Just practice with the new and use good loads. Keep shots under 30-35yds with that 20ga. and you’ll be cleaning birds.