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    winter so far

    How has your winter been so far, those that live in S and W MN? My guess is that the pheasant and deer have had a decent winter so far. Tomorrows storm could change all of that. Here is hoping for a glancing blow! I live near Pequot Lakes, and between the warm weather, and Monday and...
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    Residents view of winter so far

    Hi all I am wondering, from a ND residents experience view, how your winter has been so far on wildlife populations so far. We know of the 3-4 storms that hit your state hard. So in your area, your travels, what you've seen, what you've been told by reliable sources, are your pheasants, huns...
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    Who is going out now that the weather is finally warming? Although I would say the winds sure still have a bite, and the next day or 2 looks plenty windy. Maybe I'm just showing my age, but gonna see how hard the winds gonna blow the next few days before committing. Dan
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    So you're getting smacked with another blizzard-wow, 2 in 2 weeks! Thats gonna hurt the pheasants, sounds like the snow won't melt away anytime soon with the amounts and drifting. I have noticed that the windbreaks and farmsteads provide much needed shelter, especially multi-row shelterbelts...
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    big hit

    What an abrupt change to winter. Was in the cities Fri-Sat-Sun, high winds and lots of rain. Got home (between Crosslake and Pequot). What a mess! 12" of wet snow after a lot of rain, small trees and brush pulled down, and up to another 8" tomorrow?! So from Wheaton south, to SW MN, what kind...
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    whats up

    Just wondering how folks are doing in W MN? Haven't hunted that area for several years. You don't need to be specific just how its been what you've been seeing any observations. Dang what a great stretch of weather we've been having. Looks like a reality check coming this weekend. Dan
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    It ain't all gravy in the SW

    Returned after a 4 day hunt in SW NoDak. Last hunted there 4 years ago. Definitely not as many birds or cover as before. Dry, so much of the CRP was hayed. Dry, as in poor brood success. Much more posting, and in some cases leased hunting rights. We weren't the only ones struggling to find...
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    moisture and harvest

    Heading to SW MN next week, wanna skip the opening weekend zoo. Just wondering how the harvest is going, I know, I know, I can read the weekly report online but am wondering what anyone is seeing out there. I know the corn is ready to harvest, but as far as moisture in the corn, are there...
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    WILD quail hunting

    I am an average schmo from Minnesota who is wondering if its worth the drive to Indiana to hunt wild quail. Back in the late 80s had a chance to hunt it, a friend who grew up in Indiana but was working in MN had the chance to take over the family farm. He got bored and planned to move back to...
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    Wow What a wet July and August. Just heard that Princeton-Milaca area got 8" yesterday. I have a feeling that we'll be wearing our muck boots this pheasant season and that some upland cover will be lost as well with the high water. Dan
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    I know it will be a little bit yet before the roadside counts are in. So I am wondering what folks are seeing, or have heard from others, from throughout S and W MN. Obviously I am not trying to hit your hotspots, just finding out what folks are seeing or hearing in your areas. I know this has...
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    First timer maybe

    Hi all I've never hunted Nebraska before but am considering it. I have 9 month old lab pup I'd like to get into more birds. I've hunted SD and ND in the past, and this year hunted MN only. I am sure a lot of changes as well to habitat loss with the ag boom. So my questions are-and no I don't...
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    complete experience

    My brother and I hunted SW MN last Weds-Fri, public lands only. Weds we hunted between rain showers, probably 1/2 day total. 1 shot fired in desperation. Thurs bright and wind guesting to 50 mph. Challenging to say the least! Only time I've hunted where it was windier was Halloween in SD, cold...
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    MN opener

    I am hunting the MN opener for the first time, ever. Will be hunting S MN, all public lands. Obviously the corn will be standing, am thinking the beans may be in. Am I correct to assume that the roosters haven't been educated yet to spend days in the corn, hence may be successful in flushing...
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    Buying buffers?

    Hi all What do you think about the idea of buying buffers around wetlands ditches etc in S MN? The reason I am asking is the Gov's proposal has met with fierce opposition (of course) from Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, etc etc etc. The Gov has been on the road meeting, and I read in the Strib...
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    Buffers and reserves in MN

    Was reading my Outdoor News yesterday. Interesting article on the Govs pending legislation on the issue. I just checked to see if the article was posted on Outdoor News website, did not see it. Doug Peterson, president of the MN Farm Bureau, spoke of any new legislation being modified heavily...
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    Anybody ever been to the DNR roundtable?

    Just wondering if any of you have ever been to the DNR Roundtable? I have been invited to this Fridays roundtable and am wondering what the format is and how it goes down. Thanks Dan
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    Strib article

    Below is a link to todays story in the Strib with readers comments about how to improve pheasants in MN. A few suggested rearing and stocking pheasants-I guess if the habitat isn't there why bother-I mean years ago they did that at Carlos Avery, the pheasant pens were out front where you could...
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    A few more things........................!

    Thanks for the feedback, it matters. Here is the breakdown from the online DNR survey ahead of the summit: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing pheasant populations today? 71% loss of nesting and wintering habitat. What is the most important thing government and private...
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    MN Pheasant Summit report

    WOW What a gorgeous Fri afternoon and Saturday in the SW. 50 degrees and sun! A good day to be in the field chasing ringnecks. But I think, for me, an interesting experience regardless. Of course driving home yesterday was dreary and foggy from Willmar to Pequot. I want to say straight away...