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    I would take a dark colored female if she comes with a good divorce attorney. Great looking pups... someone going to be thrilled to have them.
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    Adding a Pudelpointer

    Envy you with 2 gun dogs!!! Looks like the time of your life started yesterday.
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    Adding a Pudelpointer

    Great looking pup!! Love the black PPs. Reminds me of my black female picked up about this time 3 years ago. Comfortable sharing breeder info?? Only asking since I'd like to add another black pup in the next couple years
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    Cutting costs this year?

    Gas will hurt, so I'll maybe pack more meals to eat at hotels, or go on that diet my wife's been nagging about for past 30 years. Can't stay home and cheat the dog...but I CAN and will cheat my nieces and nephews out of any inheritance to pay for the hunts!!
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    Hunting motivation

    Multiple motivations, but the greatest is the experience for the dog. Mine keeps me balanced in a hectic and complicated world. I owe her the opportunity for excitement to make outstanding efforts, and success. Connecting with the dog is really what it's about. Love shot opportunities and the...
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    Problem is to convince wife 3 is the charm!! 20# terrier is the boss, PP is my hunter, and I'm pushing for a another hunting partner.
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    Would love to add a female as a companion to my pudelpointer...try my damnedest to convince the wife!
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    Bad News Knee

    Bird hunt with 2 buddies that have 3 replacement knees between them. Both would agree it was the best move they ever made. 6 months was the "back to action and golfing" mark for both. Hell, one laid in the back seat of a pickup for 8 hours to post up for roosters.
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    Adding a Pudelpointer

    My PP female's father is a tall 70# dig, mom more petite. Was hoping for a an smaller pup, but she also grew to 70#. Bought the Ruff Tuff intermediate which works, but dog would likely prefer the large. She's only kenneled for travel and not in the house so it works out alright. Love the...
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    Anyone finding ammo in the off-season?

    Please tell me your Walmart is in Minnesota!!! Looking for 28 gauge loads!
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    Bad News Knee

    Get surgery scheduled, rehab like crazy and get back in the field! Arthroscopy should decrease recovery, and take baby steps, but don't miss the season. Hope all goes well.
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    28 gauge ammo

    Been hunting with the 20 gun for several years and shoot it well. Doing more sharptail and hun hunting over a pointing dog these days and thought the 28 would be a good challenge. Agree with the "like hunting" comment and also won't take questionable shots. Too much fun on the hunt to hammer...
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    28 gauge ammo

    Thanks for the info. First year coming up with the 28 and looking forward to it!
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    28 gauge ammo

    Anyone shooting a 28 gauge for pheasant, sharpies or huns??? Hunting over a young pointer and looking for any suggestions on ammo. Thinking Fiocchi GP #5's.
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    Ruff Land Kennels

    Kennel Aire by any chance!? Got one in 1980 with first hunting dog as a 12 yr old. Collapsible wire kennel, pretty sure was lost when parents moved from my childhood home.
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    anybody try "HV Dakota country Pheasant" loads from runnings?

    Federal does not make Fiocchi, but the box I bought at Runnings says ... FEDERAL CARTRIDGE. Think a few years ago Fiocchi did there loads, and sure wish/hope Scheels brings them Fiocchi back as Pheasant Max Plus.
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    Sharptail Loads

    Hunted sharptail out west this past season and saw quite the variety of empty shells on the prairie. High bass, low base, #6, #7 1/2, #8... What's everyone shoot?? Felt "over loaded" with copper plated #6's.
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Beautiful photo...gawd that makes me miss the hell out of the Springers of my youth.😢
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    Kent ultimate ammo

    Shoot 20 gauge 3" #5's... Rolls roosters for sure.