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  1. AtTheMurph

    2021 Indiana Pheasant Hunt

    Got out in Indiana finally in Newton, Benton and Warren Counties. Struck out in Newton for the first time in a long time. Bagged a bird in Benton and a first for me, got one in Warren County. Didn't see nearly as many as I have over in Illinois but there are some birds. Going to check out a...
  2. AtTheMurph

    A different hunting dog

  3. AtTheMurph

    2020 Report

    I have hunted two spots in Indiana this year. Have seen one hen and one cock, who is hanging in my garage. Have had much better luck across the border in Illinois so far, but only been out 2 days. But did bag the cock on the left in Indiana, the one on the right in Illinois.
  4. AtTheMurph

    2017 hunting report

    Not good. Hunted IN for the first time last Sunday. The best spot I have hunted for years was mowed this year. Very little cover, one cock (which I bagged) and that was all we saw. 2 years ago we saw 38 birds on this farm. Other place got skunked. Farmer reports few if any birds.
  5. AtTheMurph

    2017 hunting report

    Had first chance to get out. Just two men and my dog. Hunted between Buckley and Milford. First spot has always been a honey hole but it is now mowed like your lawn...... Still gave it a show as there was some cover deep in the ditch but had little hope. Didn't take long and dog goes on point...
  6. AtTheMurph

    Pheasants in Italy

    For Spring break the wife and I went to visit daughter who is in college in Rome. One day we took a side trip to Ostia Antica, the old Roman port on the Tiber. (The Tiber isn't deep enough to handle the size of the Roman cargo ships of the day so they had to off load and reload onto smaller...
  7. AtTheMurph

    2015 Season

    Didn't get out for IN pheasants but gave some SE Indiana quail a chance last Sunday. Hunted three spots and kicked up one covey. One of our perennial hot spots has been bush hogged to nothing with no grain fields nearby.... Nothing but a deer bed now.:( Heading out to pheasant hunt next Wed in...
  8. AtTheMurph

    IN Pheasant Hunt 2014

    Finally got out out pheasant hunt in Indiana this year. Hit it on Wed, which was cold and WINDY. Had to blow a steady 20-25 with 30-35mph gusts. Low to mid 30s. Started at a place near Kentland in S. Newton County. Had hunted there 3 or 4 times in the past and had always seen a few birds, maybe...
  9. AtTheMurph

    IN Quail hunt

    Went out for a short time this weekend (Sun morning). First spot was all beans and corn standing. Walked some cover but expected nothing. @nd spot is a 20 acres grass/weed. thicket that we know always has birds. As we were walking up spotted a Sharp Shin Hawk in a corner tree. It moved as it...
  10. AtTheMurph

    First few hours in the field

    Well I couldn't make it out for the opener last Saturday but I did manage to sneak out for a couple of hours this afternoon in Iroquois Co today. Had my two dogs and a nice little ditch that takes me 2 hours to walk. Hadn't had a chance to get out and scout at all and was worried by the effects...
  11. AtTheMurph

    Russell Moccasins

    Well I've been debating buying a pair for about 10 years and as my normal hunting partner says - "just buy the damn things already, I'm tired of hearing about it!" I went with my brother to Berlin WI after Thanksgiving and had the owner of the place measure my feet/legs and got a pair coming in...