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    Bad News Knee

    Pushing 72 and have fell into my share of holes in SD. Never hurt anything. Now painting stairway wall and torn meniscus from painting. Told wife done painting safer to hunt. Don't think I will win.
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    Lyme disease -- NE1 believe they have it or been diagnosed with it?

    NE Minn be working in woods at home .got deer tic this week. Hard to see it but finally remove it. 1+ foot of snow in places yet. Dr got me on meds.
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    Visited SD…..

    BB I live half dozen miles from Kendalls smoke fish house. Farmer friends love their fish. Gave fish to morning coffee farmers and didn't ask for anything . Relations are built and they offer when in town. They alway wonder how them ore ships float.
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    What's the weather like where you are?

    NE Minn 20+below with Hibbing at 39 below last night. SE of Ely was 50 below not wind chill.
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    10 UggM start for opener

    Hunting partner cant wait for 10 in SD. We leave SD and for morning hunt in ND. Hard on dogs and me iam 70.
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    prostate surgery

    Iam 66 had robotic prostatectom on the 7th. Surgery was successful and pathology report came back good. Get the catheter removed today the 17th happy to get that done. I had no symptoms and watching psa numbers paid off. I know there are lots of men over 50 on this site pay attention.
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    CRP question

    hunted N. E. South Dakota first week of Dec. Having morning coffee with local farmer friends. So I ask Jeff about a piece of his crp and no food plot as he has had one there a least 10 years. he said he renewed the piece in crp and was happy at 172 per acre but was told no food plot as it...
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    Dogs with drive

    I had a chance to follow some sled dogs on a training run. I was on a snow sled to help stop the team as the snow was to fluffy to hold a snow hook. We went 38 miles at a 10.5 mph pace, it impressed the h=== out of me. That included stops for tangles and a longer stop for snacks supplements...
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    shotgun holster

    I used this product in 2011. it worked well on long walks when gun gets heavy. check out this site.
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    New Old Guy

    Live in NE Mn. along shore of lake superoir. Pheasant hunt in ND. and SD, two trips a year, near Aberdeen. Have 5 years old lab, she has had 50 days in the dakotas. I have been reading forum for about a year.