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    Leaving pup outside when I'm at work

    My pup stays inside the house when I'm home but when we are at work he's outside in a kennel run. He is just about 13 or maybe 14 weeks old and we've been doing this for three weeks now. Tomorrow we are supposed to get some thunder storms and I'm worried he's going to be afraid of the storms and...
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    Dog house

    Well the day after picking up my new puppy I tested positive for covid so I have been able to spend a lot more time with the pup than I planned. Once I go back to work he will be in an outdoor kennel/run. I'm looking for dog house recommendations. We live in southern Idaho. It get cold here...
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    First night with new puppy

    Hi y'all. I just got a new puppy. It's a chocolate lab and 8 weeks old. I have a question regarding good. The breeder was feeding pro plan sport 30/20. Is that a good young pup food and how much should I be feeding at this age?
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    Pointing labs

    I've got a question about the flush with a pointing lab. Those of you that have a pointing lab, do you flush the birds or does your dog? I hunt in some pretty nasty stuff which is why I need a brush breaking lab. I've had friends being there pointers and when they locked up there was no way for...
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    Training books

    I am about to put a deposit down on a pointing lab from Red Label Labs. Does anyone have any experience with there dogs? I've ordered The pointing lab training book. Does anyone have any other recommendations on books or training material?