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  1. Miforester

    Any suggestions for private land near Faulkton?

    I have hunted this "vicinity" since 2012 either by myself or with 1 or 2 guys, very rarely have we had to use the golden hour to get our limits. All public land, many cases when I'm by myself I should have limited in the first field I have hunted, but many days my shooting leave a lot to be...
  2. Miforester

    Miroku O/U 12 gauge

    Well done BB!
  3. Miforester

    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    Are there any other reservations in the eastern part of sd that are restricting travel?
  4. Miforester

    SD Public Land Poll

  5. Miforester

    Mid January '21 hunt

    As many have mentioned weather will be the big factor here especially snow and or roads that have drifted shut or if rain are not really passable. That being said you will get opportunities for birds and depending on the location may run into more quail than pheasants. South Central Nebraska...
  6. Miforester

    20g s x s barrel length?

    Congrats, it does take a while to get used to that new sight plane of horizontal barrels with the rib in the middle.....practice practice practice.
  7. Miforester

    Porcupine Question

    gotta have trees to have porkies and no telephone poles don't count :unsure:
  8. Miforester

    What hunts are you planning for the upcoming season

    Mainly, grouse and woodcock in Michigan both guiding and pleasure. Then a combined waterfowl/pheasant hunt in SD and possibly a late season trip to Nebraska.
  9. Miforester

    Off Season Fly Fishing with My Oldest Son

    Awesome video, very rewarding to guide and work with youngsters and those young at heart who are interested in fly fishing. After that trip hard to believe that anyone would be hook on fly fishing
  10. Miforester

    Seat Covers For Truck

    I have theses in my 2007 tundra crewmax, front and backseat. Have had them for 5 years and they have been great, install not to bad couple hours for whole truck. Can be removed and washed if needed, water resistant some what stain resistant. Son has the truck now and covers still in good...
  11. Miforester

    20g s x s barrel length?

    As some have mentioned it is a personal preference. I have shot everything from 32" down to 21", in various actions and o/u & sxs. The thing that you might encounter is the weight of the gun changing you swing speed. Again will 2" of barrell effect the weight that much maybe not, but I would...
  12. Miforester

    Forum Upgrade

    This is to easy....Thanks for the upgrade!
  13. Miforester


    Yep have the date set on my calendar for when the app period opens.
  14. Miforester

    SD 2019 Report

    Well this was my second week of my western trip, traveled to South Dakota from Nebraska on the 16th of November and gave the pups the weekend off starting our hunt on Monday. A nice surprise, I forgot I had purchased my license on December 15th of 2018 which meant I still had 5 days available...
  15. Miforester

    Nebraska 2019

    This year I decided to take a multi-state hunting trip starting in Nebraska. My basecamp was the Plains Motel in Holdrege and I would highly recommend this hotel very hunter friendly! I arrive in Nebraska on November 9th and started hunting on the 10th. My last day hunting was Nov 15th, then...
  16. Miforester

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all you fellow pheasant junkies out there! Hope you and your families have a splendid day!
  17. Miforester

    Great Trip

    Just returned home from a 4 day trip to SD and boy did my son and I have a great time. For us it isnt about harvested birds but more about the experiences on the trip, don't get me wrong we like to shoot our limits. This trip was special cause we were able to hunt a couple of days with...
  18. Miforester

    Dog/Hunter Friendly motel

    Looking for suggestions for a dog/hunter friendly motel in the faulkton vicinity, 30 mile radius. Also what is current snow depth. Planning a trip for dec 14-19th......any suggestions is much appreciated!
  19. Miforester

    New DIY Dog Box Build

    Here is my new DIY dog box that was modeled after Waterdog09, he was vey helpful and answered all my questions. My version is a little different, mine has top storage and can either be a 3 dog currently or 4 dog. Roughly 44" wide by 56"Long and just under 27" tall. Dog compartments are approx...
  20. Miforester

    Bird Cleaning

    When dressing your birds especially smaller birds, what or how do you remove the lungs and other internal organs. Do you use a special knife or some other tool? Or do you just leave them in the chest cavity. Thanks in advance.