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    Looking good, sounding good. 👍

    In my hunting area, heard lots of crowing this am, saw lots of birds driving around…usually I see tons in April, good #’s in May, not so many in June…following the trend…month ago big #’s, today good #’s…a month from now not so many…nesting and growth of cover in play as summer progresses...
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    Evening drive tonight….

    Back in my hunting country…60, calm and sunny! Birds out and about big time!!!!!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
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    Moisture coming….

    A good swath of 12-30” of snow…good news, I would say…
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    Dog teeth cleaning?

    Had 2 of my dogs get teeth cleaned today…never done this before. Know a few guys who have it done…it was brought to my attention that it was needed when one of my dogs was in for another reason. Many teeth were extracted!
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    Howard Vincent retiring from PF

    Dust off your resumes! Howard Vincent is retiring in about 10 months. A few interested in his job were ready to take it for less than 1/2 his current comp…
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    That’s a wrap…

    Great end to the season…wind, snow, ice…birds bunched up again…great memorable way to end it! The wind was a howlin, and the snow was outrageous! (Dylan lyric…very fitting!)
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    70 degree warm up from my home to SD!

    Saw 52 on my truck yesterday…7 miles, one bird. Just began today, a bit breezy, but low 40’s…2 in the vest..waiting for my buddy to circle around…nice to be back!
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    Another warm up coming!!!☀️☀️☀️

    What are the chances? Pretty good, it seems! Pheasants are entering winter in darned good shape….a lot could change in the next 5 months, but they’re well prepared for whatever may befall them. May just go back to inspect their welfare early next week…🥰
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    Warm up coming!!!!

    Anybody else gonna take advantage?? Sunday-Tuesday looks fairly civilized!!! 🥳
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    New license system on SD GFP

    Can’t get in to look at current license, dates, etc. nothing good to say about GFP at the moment.
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    Thunderstorm roosters!!!!!😎

    This storm is just getting going, but we managed to get 4 with lightning in the near distance! Weird! Roosters were cackling like crazy! My buddy shot 3 on public, lost one, and I missed one and got one in the last 15 minutes…several flushed wild as well. Rain was falling intermittently as...
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    Cool retrieve!!!!

    Last bird I shot Friday was a bird that flushed and caught the strong north wind, which accompanied the falling snow; I needed 3 shots, though I hit it on the 2nd…after the 3rd shot, it began flying higher, skying upwards as they will do sometimes after getting shot in a particular location…this...
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    Beautiful day Thursday…☀️

    Brisk wind NNW around 15-20, enough to cover much of the noise that a solo hunter and 2-3 dogs makes. Got to 45, almost too warm. Walked 10+ miles. Saw 100+ birds, many of them flushing wild. Biggest concentrations in cattail sloughs, birds held fairly tight thanks to the wind. Many times...
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    Impact of fatigue on shooting

    No epiphany, but my shooting really can go south the longer I’m afield…yesterday was a great example. Shot very well the first hour, ok the hour after that, then all bets were off the last few hours! It was the second full day of hunting, but we did walk 5 miles wed afternoon…11.6...
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    Wind gusting north of 40, snow starting…birds skittish!!!😳
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    early corn harvest????

    spoke to a good farmer friend yesterday who also is a seed dealer...he said he will harvesting his corn as early as possible, as back in another dry year, 2012, there was a lot of corn that blew over towards fall or during fall...evidently in the dry conditions the plant somehow lets the ear of...
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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    Knowing the brood county survey ain't happening, I looked to see what the 2021 season forecast looked like on the GFP's all good! Shaping up to be better than 2020! Blah, blah, blah...sure, I'll be there...alot...but the dumbing-down irritates me mightily. Been discussed here...
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    Visited SD…..

    Crisscrossed the state from one side to the other, and back again; definitely dry, but didn’t look like potato chips! I was surprised at how green parts of the state were…I drove to the hills on I-90, and back on 2 lane highways…the latter gives a better idea of the state of things. In my...
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    Decent report...

    Hunting buddy in Alaska, met farmer from central ND...near the river/94....crops are relegated to silage, but “birds everywhere”, chicks included...he referred to “2nd hatch”, which is a misnomer, but 2nd nesting or 3rd nesting if early nests didn’t hatch...not all grim...cover will be the...
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    Pheasant count doesn’t look promising

    That’s the title of a letter to the editor of the Mitchell newspaper, written by a guy from Chamberlain who drive over 600 miles one day last week, leaving at 6am...he saw two, I just showed up today. Interesting.