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  1. Lee192233

    2021 Bird Hunting Pics/Reports

    Post pics and reports here. I will be heading to Lincoln County tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some good pictures and a good report. These were my first birds of the season.
  2. Lee192233

    2020 WI Pheasant Reports/Pics

    Good morning fellow Wisconsinites. I know there are guys out pheasant hunting. I'll start. I got out yesterday with my oldest boy who is seven. We hunted for about two hours. The only roosters we saw were in the parking lot when we got there! The dogs got birdy a few times. He really enjoyed...
  3. Lee192233

    686 Onyx

    Sooo... I'm kinda embarrassed about this. I have a 12 ga 686 Onyx that I got for my 18th birthday in 98. I've probably put 15k rounds through. I also pheasant hunt with it so it's gotten rained and snowed on. My question is, should I take it apart enough to spray out the action? Or should...
  4. Lee192233

    New forum?

    What happened to the new forum format? I'm back to the old format and none of the newer posts are showing.
  5. Lee192233

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Hey guys, It's awfully quiet on this thread. Anyone else out hunting? I got out opening weekend. Saturday I checked out some of the glacial habitat restoration areas. Found some good spots for later in the year once all the crops are off. Didn't flush any birds but I think the dogs were...
  6. Lee192233

    Second Trip to SD

    Hey all, Thanks for all the reports that are coming in. My good friend and I are heading out to Arlington again this year. Last year we did pretty well with 11 birds in 3 days hunting. I'm pretty revved up to get out there. We had a great time, the people are awesome and the hunting was pretty...
  7. Lee192233

    Opener 2017

    Counting down the days till 9am Saturday. Even though we mostly have only stocked birds here in East Central WI I still look forward to the opener. Good luck everyone and stay safe!
  8. Lee192233

    Dog Box

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade from two dog crates to a two hole dog box for the bed of my new truck. I had a topper on my old truck but my wife doesn't like them so this is the compromise. I'm going to need a box that is good in the weather. I'm also hoping to find one that has a gear...
  9. Lee192233

    Had a scare

    I went grouse hunting last Sunday with Ellie, my 7 year old ECS. The hunt went fine. Two days later, I noticed a lump on her neck. The next day it was bigger. I got her into the vets office today. Turns out it is a big abscess. He drained it and prescribed antibiotics. I can't believe how fast...
  10. Lee192233

    First Time in SD

    Hey all, Planning on coming to the holy grail of pheasant hunting the first week of November. My buddy and I have a room rented in Arlington. We're planning on hunting GPAs, WPAs and WIAs. I understand the drought has been terrible. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who make a living...
  11. Lee192233

    WI Spaniel trainer

    Hey guys, I will be getting an English cocker pup in March or April 2017. My current dog is 6 years old. I trained her myself. She's great at quartering, trailing and flushing birds. She lacks in the retrieving department. I didn't force fetch her. She can retrieve a ball all day. Give her a...
  12. Lee192233


    Thank you to all who gave me advice about coming to KS. We hunted Graham County last Friday/Saturday. Even though I didn't hit a bird:mad:, we had opportunities every field we hunted. We probably moved 75 birds (about 60% hens) in a day and a half. 75% were wild flushes but we had a fair share...
  13. Lee192233

    Habitat Question

    Hey all, As we all know habitat is the one thing that will save our sport. I'm going to try to help. My uncle owns a 120 acre farm that borders a river bottom that historically had wild birds, not a lot but there always were a few. Over the last five years I haven't seen any hens with broods...
  14. Lee192233


    There's nothing else I'd rather be doing now! Hot cup of coffee, beautiful morning and a spot to myself. Life couldn't be better! Now if the birds cooperate...
  15. Lee192233

    First trip to Kansas

    Hey guys, I'm finally going to head west to go upland hunting late November or early December. I'm thinking about north central and west judging from the Kansas game and fish site. Looks like there's a good amount of WIHA land. It's most likely going to be 2 guys and an English Cocker Spaniel...
  16. Lee192233

    New from WI

    Hey all, I've been reading posts on this forum for a couple years now. Finally decided to register so I can participate.Thanks in advance for any help that is offered! Lee