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    How long can quail and phez survive if food sources are covered up in this weather?
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    What are your recommendations for the best place to get ammo online or in store? I have a hard time finding Remington Nitro, which I seem to have the most success with.
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    Numbers so far...

    Haven't got a great feel for how everybody did from the opener until now, but the general feeling I'm getting is that numbers are the same or down from last year, just as the forecast predicted. We hunted southwest on opening day and had our worst day since probably 2013- but I attribute some of...
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    Less than a month

    Is anybody getting excited, or has the year of tough weather put a damper on things? No matter what the numbers, it is a blast to get out with friends and family! I'm planning on heading out close to dodge, what are your plans?
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    Hey guys- this has been an awful year for hail, and last night my hunting grounds got pounded with "racquetball" sized hail. What are the odds of mature birds surviving that? I'm never out in the fields after these events, so I just don't know.
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    Heat wave

    Hey guys, do you think this heat wave is going to have an adverse effect on chicks from this year?
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    This might be kind of touchy with the recent post on falconry, but I want to get you guys' honest opinion on 2 things: How much do you think hawks affect the pheasant and quail pop? Do you feel like there should be a short hawk season to help curb the surplus population? I will tell you that I...
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    Ice storm

    What do you guys think that 1" of ice is going to do to birds?
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    WIHA confusion

    I spent opening day southwest, and was confused to find that past years WIHA was still posted as WIHA, yet wasn't in the book or online. This was the case at multiple locations. Am I to assume that this many farmers are taking their crp out of WIHA, yet leaving it posted?
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    last hunt...

    7 family/friends and I went out for our 2nd and last western kansas hunt of the season. Mix of CRP and milo/shelterbelts and didn't shoot too well. Got 3 kids out to hunt which was memorable (none with shotguns yet). Found 11 roosters and 3 quail on saturday, and should have had about 20/10...
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    Bird routines

    Hi guys- my name is Josh Smith and I'm an almost lifelong Kansan and would call myself an amateur pheasant hunter- getting out about twice a year. Myself and 7 other guys are going out Saturday, and I wanted to pick the brains of some of you lifelong hunters on when to Hunt what kind of cover...