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  1. birddude

    Albino quail

    Just wondering. Has any of you guys killed any strange colored quail? The one on the left I call a yellow phase quail. I’ve seen four of these. The first two a buddy and I killed in the 70s and plucked and ate! The third one Wound up in my parents freezer and my mom finally got tired of it and...
  2. birddude


    What's your favorite hunting vehicle. I'm thinking of switching to a smaller rig, probably an SUV. Better m.p.g. more comfortable. Only cons I can think of is the smell. Any suggestions?
  3. birddude


    Anyone own the tristar bristol? They look nice but the case coloring almost looks to nice?
  4. birddude

    20 vs 28

    I settled on the 16 decades ago. I could only afford one nice gun, so shot a Citori lightning 16 for a lot of years. When I finally got financially secure. I tried the 20 ga. Citori. Hated it. Kill one, cripple one (Quail)... Traded for a berretta 686 20. Same. Years later bought a Ugartechea 28...
  5. birddude

    ST auctions

    Has anyone on here bought one of those 20 ga. o/u from ST auctions on They seem kinda fishy if you send a message to them. I.e I ask what they weighed. They said 9 lbs. I said you must be mistaken, and they got kinda snarky. I waited a while and sent another message asking if frames...
  6. birddude

    TT15 mini

    Anyone got a Garmin tt15 mini they might part with? Might consider a non mini..
  7. birddude

    Outstanding or crazy dog story's

    I'll start. I've twice seen dogs leave a point, come get me and take me back! This was back before tracking collars. 1st time my close hunting wire disappeared while grouse hunting. I called and called. I thought maybe she was chasing a turkey. Then she came over a rise. She looked at me with a...
  8. birddude

    Heading to Iowa

    I hunted south central Iowa for 21 years straight until the birds just petered out. Went back last year and saw some birds nut didn't due to good because of the crusty snow. Heading back in Jan. any recent reports out there?
  9. birddude

    Hello from southern Indiana

    1st forum I've joined. Hunted birds in and trained dogs for almost 50 years! I've hunted in 7 states and still hope to add more. Looked at several Forums liked this one the best. I've owned Britts, setters, pointers, GSP and GWPS. The wires have always been my favorites. Currently own a...