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  1. AKSkeeter

    What to look for in cable cutters to release dogs from snares?

    Any recommendations for a pair of cable cutters that can cut snare braided wire? Looking for less than a pound in weight, less than $70 Hopefully never have to use them, but best to be prepared. How about Channellock 910 9" Cable/Wire Cutter with Compound Joint ---Made in USA Hardened M2 alloy...
  2. AKSkeeter

    Hunter-Activated Beeper Collar

    I hunt dense riparian hawthorn/willow/cattails with my lab. My greatest concern is one day he will get snared and I need to find him quickly. I like to hunt silently and do not want to put a bell on the dog. Any recommendations for a beeper collar that is silent until remotely turned on by the...
  3. AKSkeeter

    Proposal to extend the 2023 season in Montana to the end of January

    Your opportunity to comment about the proposal to extend next year's Montana's upland bird season from Jan 1 to Jan 31. Please comment thru the above link by Jan 21, 2022. I have mixed feelings about this...