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  1. Tbear

    How can they hay this much public ground

    Really disappointed in the state letting this much public go to hay ground. 75-50% of everything we saw way hayed down to the ground. Won’t be coming back for my Second week. Not worth the money. Went to a spot that was 300 acres of beautiful bluestem last year and nothing was left this year...
  2. Tbear

    2020 season

    Season is right around the corner got the dogs out today. Tune up at the game farm next Saturday and probably a few more times after that with the new pup. Lots of trips planned for me already. Anyone going to chase sharp tail in a few weeks?
  3. Tbear

    2016-2017 Hunting Reports and Photos

    Going to head out and run the dogs this weekend some time. I will report back what I find. Have been seeing lots of mature looking 1st year birds already:thumbsup:
  4. Tbear

    2015-16 Hunting Reports & Pictures

    Thought I would throw this up for the start of the season.
  5. Tbear

    MN Roadside Repots There you go! 33% increase better than a kick in the you know what! Still a long way to go compared to the 2000's. Silage is starting to come down around me and the beans are starting to turn yellow. Makes me wonder if corn will be...
  6. Tbear


    To soon to start this thread? Just firmed up my plans for the weekend! 5 of us are going to get together and hunt. 3 MN boys and 2 from MO. 3-4 of us are also going to hunt the Monday following. I have always wanted to see what it will be like after the 1st weekend. Any one else hunted...
  7. Tbear


    Hows everyone's search been going? Kind of found a honey hole spot. Hoping to make it out at least one more time:D
  8. Tbear

    Buffer Strips This will definitely be a topic to keep an eye on! :cheers:
  9. Tbear

    UPH Hunt

    I know its been a few years since we have done one. Would anyone be interested in doing another game farm get together in the spring. We could go to Heartland Preserve in Granite Falls or maybe Sand Pines in Avon? Everyone could meet face to face. I can take the wheel on it and get it all...
  10. Tbear

    Season Reports

    Now that opener is gone figured we should have a thread for the rest of the season. I have not had a chance to make it out again. Stupid job is getting in the way. Im headed out again Saturday. I try and take some pics and let you know how it went:cheers:
  11. Tbear


    Everyone ready for opener? I should have taken the week off! We are headed out Friday afternoon to go do a little scouting before the season starts. Cant wait its been to long since I got to chase some wild roosters.:cheers:
  12. Tbear

    Quail Etiquette

    Heading to MO to hunt some quail in December. What kind of rules do you follow ie how many birds do you leave in a covey? Never done it we dont have any in MN. Thanks for the help. The guy im going with is born and bread quail hunter but I thought I should know a little before I go...
  13. Tbear

    wpas open again 10/12

    Wpas back open tomorrow
  14. Tbear

    New dog box and Drawers

  15. Tbear

    WPA's Closed Whats everyone's thoughts on this? I hope they are back up and running before opener. I know its not going to stop me. How can they shut down land that is not even monitored. I understand state parks but WPAs!!!!!! Come...
  16. Tbear

    Last year in pictures

    First time using photo bucket so let see how this goes.... Got out the most I ever had had a great time with new and old friends...
  17. Tbear

    Goose & Duck decoys +2 blinds Im done goose and duck hunting. Pm me if interested.
  18. Tbear

    Whos going to a PF Banquet this year?

    So who all plans to go to a PF Banquet this year? I have 3 on my list 1 down and 2 to go. I already went to carver courny, Scott county is Feb 23rd and the Banquet I co chair for Rice County is March 10th. If you have never been to a banquet its a good time and a great way to meet people...
  19. Tbear

    UPH MN Hunt?????

    So are we going to do a UPH MN hunt again this year? :thumbsup: Whats same place, same time? Whats everyone thinking?
  20. Tbear


    Has anyone had any luck on finding a good glove for late season. I cant stand the big bulky gloves. I need something small but still warm. My best I have found is these...