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  1. padave

    Other birds?

    Does anyone here use your dogs to hunt other species? I take mine to dove hunt and thinking about trying woodduck, and maybe grouse this year.
  2. padave

    Alice the Braque d’Auvergne

  3. padave

    Pen raised birds

    Good day, could any of you direct me to someone that sells pen raised game birds for dog training, perhaps in the south central Pennsylvania area.
  4. padave

    Cold weather safety/warm dog vest question.

    Hi all, I was curious as to which winter dog vest people here use for short hair ( not labs ) dogs. I’ve hunted with labs for years, taking granted that my labs love swimming or being out doors in ANY weather. I recently added a pointer in the mix, her breed is from a dry arid warmer climate...
  5. padave

    Youth hunting clothing

    I recently had a friends daughter tagging along with us on hunts, I noticed she was having troubles with stickers and wet vegetation, I asked her father why she doesn’t at least have a pair of brush pants/chaps. He replied he has major issues finding any clothing in her size ( small/slim ). Just...
  6. padave


    I’ve been a solo bird dog hunter for bout 8 yrs ( or sometimes with one other person ). I read hear or some other hunting forum that there are people out there that try to scamand or lie to use bird dog owners into taking them hunting. My ignorance is going to shine through here, is this an...
  7. padave

    Gundog mag.

    I’m looking for gundog mag. Issue June/July 2016. It has a picture of a braque d’auvernge on the cover. I’m having troubles finding this issue, if anyone has it I’d buy it off of ya with shipping paid for of course. Reason being I’m getting one of these dogs in a few weeks and just recently...
  8. padave

    New pup

    Pass the cigars out boys, I’m a father. I have a fresh new braque d’auvergne ready for pick up in June.
  9. padave


    Thinking of getting a another dog. As of now pudelpointer is top of the list. Can anyone here answer some questions about the breed please ? :cool:
  10. padave


    I have and hunt with 2 labs. The older one gets very dry skin mostly in the winter months. I've tried olive oil and coconut oil ( put on the food ). I don't know if it's a low amount or just not working. Looking for any other suggestions. They both get good food, I've tried 2 tablets of...
  11. padave

    Collar advice needed please.

    I'll keep it short/sweet. 1- upland hunting. 2- 2 labs. 1 field breed who is sensitive to shock collars. 1-3 level is more then enough. The other lab is about as hard headed as they come, he needs a little more juice. 3- what I'm looking for: A) two dog shock/vib collar. One remote...
  12. padave

    Rescue lab.

    I just got a black lab from a local lab rescue. He's about 15-18 months old. At first he was just gonna be a pet/companion for my 3 year old upland hunting lab. I just got him on Xmas eve. And since I've only had him a few days I noticed he has a strong prey drive i.e. Wants to eat my cats and...
  13. padave

    Poisonous plants

    The season is coming up fast. So who here is allergic to things like ivy, sumac, etc. Right now in my life I'm VERY allergic to sumac, It gets me bad about twice a year it always sneaks up on my when my guard is down. I've tried just about every remedy ( after I have it pretty bad ) from bleach...
  14. padave

    Fuzzy dog problems

    I have a problem with hitch hikers, stickers etc. in my GWPs face. What's the best way of dealing with this issue with out ripping the poor dogs hair out. I'm use to bullet proof labs and this fragile high maintenance pointer is a whole new world to me.
  15. padave

    Been a while.

    Hey guys it's been awhile, I hope all is well. Otis my new GWP is coming along great with the excellent help of the breeder ( I think he loves mine ( his) dog(s) more then I do ) I'll post pics later. Question for you all, I live south of york city 1 mile north of MD line, do any of you know...
  16. padave

    Saturdays hunt.

    Dirt and I went to a SGL far north. For about 4-5ish hours hunted with no results. Called it a day and was on the way home, and what do ya know a full grown large healthy rooster ( phez ) ran out int the road and hit my tire. I tried to miss him but it was too late. I also want to add he was...
  17. padave

    Pics of Otis, finally!

  18. padave

    Raw food

    Who feeds their dog raw dog food and why and what kind ? I have a lab that's on pretty good dry food because my wife spares no expense when it comes to her baby( we tried 3 different kinds of food ) and before you say anything I know he's a lab and is always hungry he's our 3rd one. But no...
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    Traps are bad. Ok.
  20. padave

    Wheeler Dealers

    Has anyone watched the show "wheeler dealers" if you don't know its a British program in a nut shell its about flipping cars. I was watching it today and they had a jeep that the restored and went on a test drive, as they were driving it a pheasant cock crossed the road right in front of them. I...