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  1. Roy B

    Quail in southern Iowa

    Southern Iowa and northern Missouri quail are decimated. I bet numbers are down 50-75% from just a couple years ago. What do you think is the reason? Weather or habitat or predators or a combo of all 3???
  2. Roy B

    Quail in southern Iowa

    We went down south last weekend and did some mixed bag hunting and ended the day with 2 roosters and 2 bobwhites. We only seen one good sized covey of quail and were able to get 2 out of it. Last year we were moving as many as 4 to 5 coveys a day hunting public area. Just curious what everyone...
  3. Roy B


    You might try Jacobsons in Story City or scheels in Des Moines.
  4. Roy B

    Hardest shot for me. You?

    Apparently overhead passing shot. I missed 3 of those about 10 days ago.
  5. Roy B

    A true triple?

    I have hunted pheasants for close to 40 years and had never gotten a triple until 2 years ago then it happened twice, the first time took 4 shots as the last bird hit the ground running and I had to finish him, the second time the following year I took 3 shots and dropped 3 roosters. I had...
  6. Roy B

    How many birds each season?

    Im in central Iowa and I usually get between 20 to 30. Almost all public land with wild birds and I lose a few also. I try to get out at least once or twice a week when possible.
  7. Roy B

    Nephew’s Christmas Present #Funcle

    That is freaking awesome buddy!
  8. Roy B

    When is the best time to hunt quail?

    We have hunted them from 9am clear thru 4pm but I learned from a biologist that it is not a good idea to break them up to late in the day as they need the covey to band together and stay warm so if you break them up to late in the day they may not get back together before nightfall. So to...
  9. Roy B

    CZ woodcock over/under 12 gauge

    Thanks for the response's, I have picked it up and shot clays with it and shot very well, I have not hunted with it yet but expect to do well with it . It is heavier then I thought it would be but I think its going to be a keeper. It seems to be very well made and everything on it fits tight and...
  10. Roy B

    CZ woodcock over/under 12 gauge

    I just bought a CZ woodcock for pheasant and quail and whatever else and was just wondering if anyone else owns one of these or any CZ over/under and if so what their opinion and experiences have been as far as reliability ect......... I havent actually picked it up yet but its suppose to be in...