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  1. FCSpringer

    Shells? Bring Money

    Walmart and Fleet Farm had some loads today. 👍
  2. FCSpringer

    Shells? Bring Money

    Could be. I just never thought those were 1 1/4 oz. Hard to say. Less charge possibly. Or even a different powder maybe.
  3. FCSpringer

    Tell Me Why I Need A 28 Inch Barrel

    I dont believe it makes a hill of beans difference. I shoot a 30" gun. I have a SBE with 28, had a 26 in the past. All shot just fine. I dont see any dif at all in the swing from length. But thats me. I think you will like either.
  4. FCSpringer

    Shells? Bring Money

    I have tried the 5's HB, not the 6's. I was not too impressed, but we take what we can get right now LOL. I saw them same 100 packs yesterday in 8 shot. I passed them bye. 7.5 I may have grabbed. Everything seems a few bucks a box higher then normal. It will end when folks quit paying the...
  5. FCSpringer

    Shells? Bring Money

    I wonder why they are 1220 FPS ?????? Odd. I bought several flats lately and they are 1330's. Same desript.
  6. FCSpringer

    Dog on the IL

    Bummer Zeb. Good luck, that sleeve looks like a good choice. I have only found time off to really work. Thats why I have lots of dogs LOL. Hope you get to get back out with her.
  7. FCSpringer

    Shooting Pheasants

    I shoot field trials, and train every week 2 to 3 times a week on live birds. If we shot birds shorter than 40 yards in a field trial, we would be kicked off the gun team. I shoot the same way when we go hunting. If your crippling birds at 40, you simply have to change your style, loads, chokes...
  8. FCSpringer

    Grass Awn's - DEADLY for your dog
  9. FCSpringer

    BURRS !!

    Pluss for dogs with long hair get a Andis super 2 speed with a T-84 blade. Give em a trim a week or so before hunting season. End of most of your problem. I dont have much issue. Mine are the short straight haired ones for the most part. The ones I trim it does the trick. I like to leave the...
  10. FCSpringer

    BURRS !!

    De matting comb
  11. FCSpringer

    A Little Bling

    I did. For the year. And the funny thing is he does not belong to me LOL. It was a new guy. A pup I picked out for him. After this he disappeared never to call or return training. Reasons unknown. It was very odd to say the least. And has done nothing since. Sad part of the story. But life goes...
  12. FCSpringer

    A Little Bling

    Had a good 2019 year with one of the pups. Then the covid year hit. So guess I will share some now LOL. Blue River Bocephus. National high point pup, weighted national high point pup, and Midwest high point pup. 65 points, which is more pup points then any dog in the history of AKC field...
  13. FCSpringer

    Help with fine tuning

    Great. In my years I learned that neutering them often leads to them doing this behavior. Kinda turns the boys in to a panzy. If they are taught the business before clipped. They seem to take right up where left off. I would start with his favorite ball or bumper with the jealous trick. Even a...
  14. FCSpringer

    New upland gun!

    I have a brand new Beretta 692 Black 32" you can grow in to LOL.:):):ROFLMAO:(y).
  15. FCSpringer

    CZ woodcock over/under 12 gauge

    I had a CZ woodcock deluxe. It was a decent gun. I killed lights out with it. My gripe was it got heavy, heavy, to carry. Only reason I sold it and went to another.
  16. FCSpringer

    Political Threads

    This is why UPH survives. Some of us need a break for a spell. But that goes with many things. This site is truly time tested. And looks now to be on a stronger set of tracks. (y)
  17. FCSpringer

    Lets See Your some pic's

    My boy. Blue River's Driven' A Hard Bargain. "Hardy"
  18. FCSpringer

    New Rescue Project

    It's been a while for me around. But I see your still at it. Your a good man.. 🍺
  19. FCSpringer

    Deadly Grass Project

    Don't forget when your thinking about a new restoration, to leave out some nasty things in your seed mix... Canada wild rye, Virgina rye, to name a couple. The vet bills are staggering...