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    Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

    I saw on Facebook that you can't get through the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation on highways 212, 63,65, or 20 because of Covid-19 checkpoints. It said all out of state vehicles are being turned away and instate vehicles if they think you are from a known hotspot. If you don't have a valid...
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    Conditions in Redfield

    Anyone know what the conditions in Redfield are as far as flooding/standing water in fields?
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    870 Wingmaster

    Anyone use a 12ga. 870 Wingmaster for their pheasant hunting? My main gun is a 12ga. L.H. Benelli Montefeltro and I am thinking about taking my 12ga. L.H. Wingmaster along also this year to S.D.
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    WTT 26" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel for 28"

    Want to trade a 26" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel for a 28" L.H. Light Contour 870 barrel. The 26" barrel is like new, less than a box of shells through it.
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    WTT 26" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel for 28" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel

    Want to trade a 26" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel for a 28" Light Contour L.H. 870 barrel. 26" barrel is like new, only hunted 1 time and comes with a modified choke tube.
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    12ga. Remington 1100 too heavy?

    Anyone hunt with a Rem. 1100 12ga., 2&3/4" chamber Modified choke barrel? If so, do you feel it is too heavy to hunt wild pheasant with all day?
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    Semi-Auto, O/U, Pump, or SxS?

    Okay guys, what's your preference for hunting pheasants in the plains states, say S.D.,N.D., Kansas, and Nebraska? Semi-Auto, O/U, Pump, or SxS?
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    Winchester Rooster XR shells

    Anyone tried these yet? Thoughts/experiences?
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    Which do you prefer for wild plains phez?

    Which type of shotgun do you prefer for wild plains phez and why : O/U, Semi-Auto, Pump, or SxS?
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    Looking for a started male ESS

    I am retiring in Feb. and want to get a started male ESS to accompany me on my annual pheasant hunting trips to SD. I am on the east coast and can't seem to find anything locally. I might have a chance to get a pup from a friend next year but am not sure I want to go that route.
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    Pheasant hunting in/around Beatrice

    How is the pheasant hunting in/around Beatrice?
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    870 Wingmaster

    How many on here use a 12ga. 870 Wingmaster for there wild pheasant hunting, and what barrel length and choke? I am thinking of taking mine this year to S.D. as a back up gun but might use it a couple of times anyhow.
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    Prefered barrel length on semi-auto

    What barrel length do you prefer on a semi-auto for pheasant hunting, wild birds, in wide open places like South Dakota? Specifically, 26" or 28"?
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    Best choke for #3 & #4 steel

    What would be the best choke for #3 & #4 steel out of a 12ga. Benelli Montefeltro for wild phez? I.C., Lt. Mod., or Mod.? Hunting over a combination of pointers and flushers.
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    Dickinson 12ga. SxS for sale

    12 ga., 26" barrels choked I.C./I.M., color case hardend receiver, double triggers, straight/English grip stock, splinter forend. One small blemish in bluing on right barrel, otherwise in excellent condition. $875 plus shipping to your FFL dealer.
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    Best choke combo in 16ga. O/U

    Guys, in your opinion, based on experience, what would be the best choke combo in a 16ga. O/U for wild pheasants in South Dakota? I.C./Mod., I.C./I.M., or Lt.Mod./I.M.? I will be shooting mainly 5 & 6 shot, 4's if necessary.
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    Steel Shot sizes and chokes

    Those of you that use steel shot on pheasants, what sizes of shot do you use and what chokes for those sizes?
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    Browning A-5 Sweet 16

    How many of you besides Dakota Zeb pheasant hunt with an A-5 sweet 16 and how do you like it?
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    Benelli Montefeltro 12ga.

    Anyone use one of these as their pheasant gun? If so, how do you like it? I have a chance to buy a brand new left handed one with 26" barrel for a very good price. I don't really need another left hand 12ga. semi-auto as I have a 1100, 1187 Premier Light Contour, and a Benelli M-1, all left...
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    Question for GSP owners

    Do any of you that own GSP's kennel them outside year round? If so, how well do they handle cold temps, say 32 degrees farenheit down to 20 degrees farenheit, if they are in well insulated dog houses?