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    Hey duckn66

    Just sent you a message. Sorry I missed it a few weeks ago.
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    Bobwhite Sudy

    Thought some of you would enjoy this.
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    BPS 16 Gauge

    I recently became interested in a BPS and managed to track down one in 16 Ga. They're not the easiest to find. Just got the gun today and have one weekend of bird season left here in Oklahoma. It's built on their 20 Ga frame and handles nice. Hopefully I can hit some birds with it. I have...
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    After years of searching for the perfect bird hunting glove that keeps my hands and fingers warm and allows me to still feel some detail, I have found what I think is the perfect glove. I have an uncle that is a retired F 15 pilot and he snagged me a pair of flight gloves. They work great...
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    You still around here? If so, how's the season going for you?
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    I am in the process of trying to decide on which boots to buy. I have about six hard years on a pair of Cabelas Brittany (Chinese made) boots and could probably squeak a couple of more seasons out of them. I hunt hard and they've been great. I have considered the Danner Grouse, but am...
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    A-5 Restoration

    Anyone ever used Art's Gun Shop in Missouri? I have a '70 Auto 5 and would like to get it restored....
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    Opening weekend report-Rush, Ness, & Trego Co.

    Four of us made our annual trip to Kansas last weekend. We were disappointed to say the least. I can't even begin to compare it to 2004, 2005, 2007, & 2008. We did end up finding two WIHA fields in southern Trego Co that were loaded with birds. We did much better last year walking in...