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  1. reddog


    Shorthair ran into one on the Brule res a few years ago. Its definitely not fun if it happens..
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    October 16- today.... reports?

    Lots of hayed ditches and fields, but private and public. Honestly, it didn't appear to have great hay conditions to begin with as the stuff that didn't get hayed is extremely sparce and barely hunt able in a lot of spots. ( west of Mitchell, east of River) crops are coming out fast, or gone...
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    SD Resident Opener Reports?

    adding to my post. I seen three pheasants hit on the road thru my travels last weekend .. One east of Mitchell on I90. One North of Montrose, and one between Humboldt and Hartford but North.. :)
  4. reddog

    SD Resident Opener Reports?

    I hunted a short stint in Saturday. Got 3 nice points on hens in the Chamberlain area. Drove to Presho on Sunday morning scouting 45A deer. Hunted about 2 hours out there and like the day before, 4 points, all hens. Did not see many hunters. Man. Is it wet at Presho and looks to be more...
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    Grass Awn's - DEADLY for your dog

    Timely to bring this to the top. Thanks for the reminder. I made a conscious decision to enter a new CRP field late in the day which was warm and almost lost my Breez dog. If not for the timely intervention of a vet who recognized the symptoms right away I'm pretty sure she would not have...
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    Phez appetizers

    I dry rub then grille to finish. Let cool, run thru a meat grinder along with a onion. Then add mayo or salad dressing, and some pickle relish till it has a texture of a pate. Serve with Club crackers. There won't be any leftovers..
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    Relocation opportunity

    Or Chamberlain, midway between the two. Easy to get to birds, and the water is smaller to navigate if you have a boat. Easy drive to Pierre if you want bigger water and fish.
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    Report Yesterday

    Spent 3 days at the Chamberlain cabin over the weekend. Seen 1 rooster Thursday night driving in north of Puwana. Seen or heard nothing all day at the cabin on Friday detailing the boat for the upcoming season. Got up early Saturday and had coffee on the patio. Nothing. Left for Murdo about...
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    SD Walleye

    Bob, don't rule out a combo trip in December or January.
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    single user clay pigeon thrower ?

    I also have the DoAll. It's a pretty nice piece for the money.
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    Ive owned property at Chamberlain since 2000, Move to Garretson SD in October from NW Iowa...

    Ive owned property at Chamberlain since 2000, Move to Garretson SD in October from NW Iowa. Glad to help if I can. I love being a resident. if youre into the outdoors, and clean living, SDis the place to be...
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    Season Wrap Up

    Sometimes I do both, but it's tough duty.. :)
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    Season Wrap Up

    Good times for sure. You definitely earn those public land birds and each are a trophy in their own way. . Myself, I probably hunted less this year as a resident than any of the previous 10 as a non resident. Some reasons that come to mind would be the obvious relocation to SD from...
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    South Dakota first time, last minute, glad I did it

    How in the world did you talk the pub owner into that picture? Lol. Glad you had a memorable trip. Now you have 5 days next year!
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    Where to live?

    looking for rural property (acreage or farm, or urban setting.. ?
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    Extended season?

    Actually went pretty easy today. Shot 2 over the old girl and then traded her off for her son.
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    Extended season?

    Heading out now. Day trip 1.5 hours west..
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    Extended season?

    But,but,but, it's a new year. You should have a full deck of tickets again.. With this weather that's here right now, I may have to give them a run again this weekend. Haven't had my butt kicked for 3 weeks now, so I'm kind of healed up. Plus. It's not conducive to boat fish right now.
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    Extended season?

    Hard to hunt when it's this nice out..
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    Extended season?

    Monster winds coming Wednesday night thru Friday . Fished today and tomorrow.