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  1. SDJIM

    New habitat

    Our renter has informed us that they no longer wish to rent the pasture and our decision is to just not rent it to anyone. This will add 103 acres to habitat on the farm. The acres are next to a 2 yr old 75 acre CRP plot. It has never been plowed. Buffalo wallows are still apparent and is...
  2. SDJIM

    A Dakotas Poem

    Its winter in Dakotas And the gentle breezes blow Seventy miles an hour, At thirty Five below. Oh how I love Dakotas When the snows up to your butt You take a breath of winter air And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around. I could never...
  3. SDJIM

    Keystone pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil onto northeastern South Dako farm land

    The Keystone oil pipeline had a small malfunction yesterday to the tune of an estimated 210,000 gallons of tar sands crude oil spilled near Britton SD. Bad deal and it just got worst for the outdoor types (hunters) as it was quoted by a local area man the "it sure messed up a field that was...
  4. SDJIM


    Well the weatherman got blind sided by good old MA NATURE again, no forecast for what's going on right now in Platte SD. SNOW big old flakes and lots of them. :eek::D. Likely means that opening day will be sunny 80 or so with lots of wind LOL
  5. SDJIM

    Pheasant Fest

    Pheasant Fest Coming To Sioux Falls In 2018 as reported on KELO news this afternoon:thumbsup::cheers::10sign:
  6. SDJIM

    Natural habitat

    Habitat project flooded out this spring so I let it go and here is the result. It is 32 acres more just like this.
  7. SDJIM

    AL'S Oasis Motel

    Anyone with room reservations at AL'S Oasis might want to look into the possibility of needing a new place to stay. This is the headline as of this morning: A massive fire broke out early Monday morning at the Oasis Inn, located in Oacoma, SD. It looks really bad but maybe they will rebuild...
  8. SDJIM

    Rain Rain and Rain

    I read my rain gage every morning at 8 AM: Friday .08. Sat .05.Sunday 1.25 Monday .86 and at 1pm this afternoon it's .54 and still raining. There is lots of water standing the fields and creeks are running strong. :cheers:
  9. SDJIM

    My son lost his best friend

    My son lost his best friend this morning. Luke the lab passed on early today, he was a great bird dog and protector of the family and will be missed by all. JR and Luke All dogs go to heaven. RIP LUKE
  10. SDJIM

    Habitat Project 2016

    Time for another habitat project, this will be by far the biggest project I've done. This time it's 75.5 acres of nesting cover with 5 acres of food pots in addition. This will be a fall dormant planting with this mix Western Switch Grass at 35% Green Needlegrass 20% Little Bluestem...
  11. SDJIM

    Good Buy

    Cabela's in Mitchell SD Federal 28 ga, 2 3/4, 3/4 oz, 6 shot, Vel 1295 fps, $9.88 a box. A really good buy on 28 ga.:D They had a stack of shot shells on sale at good prices
  12. SDJIM

    Lost puppy

    Lost today in Ashland WI a female English Setter puppy about 3 to 4 month old Chestnut Belton in color Contact Deb Beirl at 715-274-2065 or 715-664-3285
  13. SDJIM

    Early pheasant season

    Well the season started early for me but not the way I wanted it to. The good news is the other 6 or so didn't try to fly across the road. :D
  14. SDJIM

    SE South Dakota Weather

    For all of you who hunt in SE/SC South Dakota: Delmont SD ravaged by large tornado this morning --much damage and reports of injuries. Storm then tracked North just missing Parkston, Ethan and weakened and went thru Mitchell with no reported damage. Sad Mothers day for SD. :(
  15. SDJIM

    Neat bird dog pictures

    Check out The new opening page has a really neat group of pictures --dogs retrieving pheasants. :coolpics:
  16. SDJIM

    It's all in the timing

    Have waited years to decide to get a bird dog--this is the year (summer) and guess what--I now have a pair of pigeons building a nest in the 40 x100 ft loafing barn--it's a sign I tell ya.:D :thumbsup:
  17. SDJIM

    Predator control

    Well the numbers are in on the local PF predator control project. First some information. SD game fish and parks says the average pheasant nest produces 8.2 chicks so for every predator you take out of the habitat :) The numbers 1. Raccoon 1245 2. Coyote 225 3. Fox 62 4...
  18. SDJIM

    Dog killed

    Here is the headline--man what is this world coming to. :confused: The death of a three-year-old Irish red setter named Jagger has the dog show world reeling. Jagger collapsed last Friday after returning home to Belgium from the annual Crufts show in Birmingham, England, dying before a local...
  19. SDJIM

    New video

    Added to my video collection. "My Boys--the best of Hank and Dash" by Dez Young--autographed to boot. He did the Hunting with Hank and then Dash in the uplands TV shows. If you want a good video I really liked this one. Great setters.:thumbsup:
  20. SDJIM

    BOMB dogs

    Did anyone else notice? Was watching Fox news last night when they did a segment on the Mall of America and that the press was not allowed inside to film--except they took a small group on a guided tour--they were talking about having 4 bomb sniffing dogs and three of the four got on camera in...