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    Looking for house to rent near Aberdeen

    looking for a house to rent for 20-30 days, beginning October 15. within 25 miles of Aberdeen. pleas advise. TY
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    daily bag limit for 2021?

    i thought this was going up to 4 birds daily? No?
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    how are the county roads between Mitchell and Redfield? thanks
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    Opening Weekend

    how was it?
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    Bad Storm in Iowa

    it never seems to fail, some shit weather hits here every year. did this system come out of Minnesota or SD? hearing 40% of corn is flat laid over, silage if they are lucky
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    Pheasant Hunting in Iowa, Early November

    looking for one one seasoned bird hunter to hunt with in NC Iowa, early November. Your dog ok, mine needs more work, but hunts independently of other dogs. he is a big ranging GWP, i usually hunt by myself, but looking to team hunt with one other hunter, prefer calm approach and allow the dog to...
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    WIHA Atlas

    need some guidance on finding printable county WIHA maps? hopefully the same printable color coded maps are available again this year. i like to print them at home (8 X 11) and then take them to Staples and blow them up and laminate them, works great and easier to read. thanks
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    Habitat stamp Required

    SD now has a habitat stamp requirement......$10 for residents, $25 for non residents. i doubt we will see an increase of better ground for a couple years or so......would be nice if they posted the additions, if there are any?
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    winter wheat?

    i am assuming the cool , wet spring has been good for the wheat?
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    I know it's early.......but i am already concerned

    some states are refunding and denying turkey tags to NR's, due to the fear of spreading the virus. with some predicting no end in sight until June or later, i am wondering if the pheasant season may be in jeopardy before this all subsides? there is talk of a recurrence of this virus in China...
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    Durango Pheasant Hunter Recently hunting in Kansas

    would the bird hunter from Durango, (recently hunting with a 7 year old Brit in western Kansas) please PM me. We spoke briefly in the field. TY.
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    Durango Pheasant Hunter Recently hunting in Kansas

    would the bird hunter from Durango, (recently hunting with a 7 year old Brit in western Kansas) please PM me. We spoke briefly in the field. TY.
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    another opinion on canine heart disease
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    Survival Rate and Storm Toll

    wondering how rough it got up here the last few weeks? i know the extreme cold must have caused some mortality....any observations?
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    Winter Weather and Bird Survival

    just wondering how the weather has been in SW Nebraska? is there deep snow cover? anyone got a feel for how the birds are doing? thanks
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    Winter and Bird Survival

    from what i can tell by the DOT cams, it looks like a heavy snow cover and cold temps in SD. how are the birds handling this prolonged stretch of snow cover?
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    Brutal Winter?

    I am hearing parts of Iowa are experiencing a brutal winter with some areas having 2 feet of snow on the ground? Bird losses are going to be extensive, in some areas. Is anyone trying to feed/corn the wildlife? How bad is it?
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    Blizzard Warning for SW and Central Kansas 2-23

    possibly up to 10 inches of heavy, wet snow and wind gusts to 60 mph......on Saturday. storms like these are tough on birds.
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    Dangerous Bills in Hearing

    if you are an Oregonian please call/email your representatives to NOT support senate bills SB439 and SB723. Both these bills could limit the use of pen raised birds for hunt test and trials. If passed it would be a lot harder to evaluate our dogs because planting pen raised birds would not be...
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    Ditch Hunting?

    a friend of mine told me there is a bill or hearing coming up on closing the hunting of ditches in SD? Pressure from angry farmers? anyone got any info on this?