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  1. goldeneye

    hunting in the rain

    I went out this morning and found this guy Trespassing so Flint and I took care of that issue:) Then I decided to go run some swamps by the house. "I walked and fell through the ice Flint ran" I didn't see any Flushers out today? "Quail Hound" But we found another one hidding under a ceder...
  2. goldeneye

    Friday hunt

    Now that's that over I can go harass some Pheasant's:D Last duck hunt for me this year our season ends on Sunday. Morning temp 17degrees and Morning winds were 27mph. One 4 curl mallard And 1 Goldeneye. (My favorite little duck)
  3. goldeneye


    I do a wild game feed for family before Thanksgiving each year Pheasant K-Bobs - Goose K-Bobs - Goose cooked in soy sause and brown surgar - Vension with cream of mushroom sauce on noodles - Wild Turkey -pheasant and jalepeno - Asparagus - Ma made creamy patotes - dad made Apple pie and I...
  4. goldeneye

    Early goose

    We got a few but kinda slow going with the heat and full moon. the birds moved more at night I think. My Chessies first season 8 months old
  5. goldeneye

    BWCA trip

    here are a few photos from the trip. went with my wife - father (79) sister and a couple other friends. we traveled in almost 8 miles lots of work but not a bad trip first morning Potato sausage from OnPoint very good Walleye and hash browns with Beam Me on our way to table rock Last...
  6. goldeneye

    Game Fair

    Is anyone going? The family and I will be there Sat Aug 11
  7. goldeneye

    No dummy?

    I see you left my dead duck back on shore again? Not to worry we have Adventure Barbie :D
  8. goldeneye

    Training day pics

    Flint with the retrieve. I like watching this dog run so smooth My new Chessy Pup. 10 weeks old And we can't forget about the boxer. He needs help with his left hook still Anyone else been doing anything fun with the pups?
  9. goldeneye

    spammer ( insulatorU ) Can go on 3 threads
  10. goldeneye

    MN Wolf season

    :thumbsup: it's about time :10sign: The state Department of Natural Resources is telling landowners they can start hunting problem wolves next week. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last month removed wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan and...
  11. goldeneye

    Gotta get you some

    Thanks WebGuy:cheers: Even Boxer dog approves:thumbsup: Amazing this dog puts up with me somedays I know a few others got these lets see some :coolpics:
  12. goldeneye

    Last hunt of the year

    I forgot to post up a few pics. But Dakota Zeb reminded me. We hunted in SW MN had a heck of a time not a lot of birds but lunch in the field with dogs and guns is always fun:thumbsup: There was three guys and 4 dogs we had plenty of dog power Zeb said. This is a picture of Flint the day...
  13. goldeneye

    Ruff Grouse

    The wife got back her Grouse mount today. Turned out really nice. The sun is in this picture but you can see the antler better from this side.
  14. goldeneye


    We went to watch Jeff Dunham in Bemidji MN and thank goodness had time to do some hunting. Had 2 flushes of Ruff Grouse but had better shooting on the woodcocks with my new gun:10sign: Flint in Action Even brought the boxer for a walk in the woods
  15. goldeneye

    goose hunters

    Dove season opened Sept 1 anyone have any Luck? Early goose opens Sat. My daughter will be with in her own layout blind and Pink B-B gun ready to go:D Hope to get a few good pictures at least.:coolpics:
  16. goldeneye

    Cleaning the freezer

    A meal fit for Zeb Wood Duck - Garlic biscuits and salad with home made dressing. Plus some Forty Creek Just for Zeb (thinking of you Bud) :thumbsup:
  17. goldeneye

    Bike is out

    I finally had time to wash up the JackPot and get it out today:thumbsup: We did this a couple years ago but who else owns one?
  18. goldeneye

    Dog Trailer??

    Anyone own a dog trailer? What would you change if you bought another one? Who makes the best ones now adays?? Help me with Ideas there alot of Ca$h if I by new. I just want to do this once. I have use my friends before (UPH get together day) and like his but I would make it a two dog for more...
  19. goldeneye

    poor handling and shot

    This guy will never hunt with my dog. To bad the dog could really be something I bet.
  20. goldeneye

    UPH get together

    UPH get together or Spring kick off to Dog training and shooting. Bring family and friends if you like. If you don't have a dog perfect use mine. (He likes to run) What would you guys think about meeting in Granite Falls MN April 2 at a game preserve? $17.50 per bird Min. 4 birds per gun...