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  1. reddog

    Extended season?

    Will the extended season be a factor this year? For me, I'm thinking it will not be. Your thoughts ?
  2. reddog

    Resident/ non Resident lawsuit. Aurora county.

    Anybody following this ?‘nightmare’-for-retired-veteran
  3. reddog

    CAST and Blast..

    This trip started out as kind of short notice, when a great friend of mine (Brian) called and said he was driving a race hauler back from Pennsylvania to Minnesota and had a few extra days to spend. I looked at the weather forecast, and it was going to be very nice till the later part of his...
  4. reddog

    Lost topper,dog crate and shorthair.

    3 miles west of Beresford on 46. Contact SD Highway Patrol if this is your dog and stuff.
  5. reddog

    The "Glory Days" What have you seen?

    I was driving to me Chamberlain property the other day and it gave me time to reflect on alot of things. As I approach 62 years old, I was looking back on the "Glory Days" I have been able to see in my lifetime.. 1) Hungarian Partridge of Southwest Minn in the mid 70s. It was am amazing...
  6. reddog

    Selling safe guns. Option?

    Finished up my mancave a couple weeks ago and had to move the safe out, which meant removing everything from it. This gave me some time to reflect on each piece that is in there. I turned 60 last Friday, and Im thinking about liquidating most of them, for one reason or another. I have a...
  7. reddog

    Big Blue

    This stand of Big Blue was originally a mixture of primmarily Big Blue with some switch and indian grass. The big blue has for the most part taken over, and Im seriously thinking about redoing the whole thing to switch and indian. Im so disappointed every year it snows, and this stuff just...
  8. reddog

    Last weeks vacation...

    My wife and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on Sunday, the 26th. She was supposed to spend the week in Florida for a girls week for our anniversary , I was just going to go fishing. :) About a month ago her group fell thru and cancelled the trip. That left me with finding something to do on...
  9. reddog

    Carving a gun stock and forend?

    Has anyone done this? I purchased a beautiful piece of burl walnut yeaterday and am trying to come up with some kind of project for it. I know theres all kinds of info on the net, Just wondering if theres anyone here with real experience. I have a friend who turns custom pens out on a lathe...
  10. reddog

    Incredible trip.... and even got some work done..

    Friday: Decided with the weather being what it was, and what is coming in this week it was prime time to take off. Loaded Breez, Sky, and a shotgun and headed west around 11am. Just me and the dogs! Arrived at a spot west of Mitchell about 2:16. Aired the dogs out, geared up, and put Breez...
  11. reddog

    Seen a Quail...

    In Aurora County no less. We were standing around outside our trucks watching the combines roll and all of the sudden a little cock bobwhite flys in and lands in the fence line next to us. He stands there for 10 seconds or so then heads for cover. I get breez out and she points him. I flush...
  12. reddog

    Where's everybody at?

    Ive spent the better part of 2 weeks in the central part of the state and have to date, only seen a few people in the field, and very few on the roads. I worked fields in Plankinton for Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday (opening day) before needing to go home for two weddings Saturday...
  13. reddog

    Dogtra customer service

    Lost the controller to my 2502 T&B on Thursday, while headed to SD to do field work. Called customer service in Torrence Ca. at 11:30 my time, and ordered a new one. It arrived at 10:32 to the lodge the next morning. Amazing is about all I can say..
  14. reddog

    Foxtail Barley Hordeum jubatum :(

    I've got a 2nd year wetland (temporary)seeding that is doing quite well, but over the last two years it has become overgrown with foxtail barley. I've tried spot controlling it, but this year its just gone nuts. The area has standing water in it now about 3 inches deep. Last week, I was going...
  15. reddog

    Torn ACL

    My year old male ripped his ACL on a short airing run on Friday out by Presho.. (5 minutes in). Local vet diagnosed and offered two suggestions. 1) Let him do the reconstructive surgery with the fishing line) or go to a specialist in Sioux Falls and go for the full reconstruction.(TPLO)...
  16. reddog

    Lost Wirehair: Wagner SD 12/27/15

    Not my dog, just posting for an acquaintance. HELP!!!!!!!!! we recently let one of our good family friends take our dog up to South Dakota and he lost her! They were hunting near WAGNER SOUTH DAKOTA so if you are near there or know somebody who is please keep your eyes peeled! She is a german...
  17. reddog

    Snow in dog vest?

    This is a brand new Rivers Edge vest that I sewed ripstop on to protect it. Then I added a Cabelas skid plate over the top. 1 hour later my Breez could barely move and was acting strange. Got her inside and she was packed full of snow. Pretty sure she would've been better off with nothing. Does...
  18. reddog

    Another reason I love SD. I was that age once. :)
  19. reddog

    Browning BT99

    A friend of mine has a BT99, which is a single barrel, single shot, typically a trap gun. (and a great one at that).. He wants to buy a Beretta 686 20 guage and possibly sell the BT 99, or trade it in. The only problem I see with this, is that his BT99 is choked skeet. Why would Browning even...
  20. reddog

    Kochia removal

    Is there a way to clean Kochia out of a grass/alfalfa patch without taking out the alfalfa? I know Kochia is great pheasant cover but I don't want it taking over. This hasn't been hayed for about 5 years.