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  1. Ericb

    White Satin?

    Found my first Citori recently in a pawn shop- a 20ga. from ‘83. Like it so much that I decided to look for a new one in 12ga. but it seemed like traditional field models aren’t too common until I did a search and came up with the White Satin. A new Citori for $1,500 seems pretty good, so now...
  2. Ericb

    Pheasant wings for training

    I’ll be keeping the wings from the birds I get this year, for training. In the past, I’ve kept them in the freezer. Want to see if other people here do the same thing or something different.
  3. Ericb

    Dog price questions

    I’ve been thinking of (finally) replacing my Golden Retriever. Prices for pups seem to be running $1,500-$2,000. I have a hard time shelling out that kind of money. If I’m just being cheap, tell me, I sometimes see things through the eyes of a much younger man. Next, are other breeds less...
  4. Ericb

    Would you have just one?

    Does anyone use just one shotgun? My dad and grandpa did, so did my father-in-law. I can't seem to get to just one of any style or gauge, much less one for all purposes.
  5. Ericb

    When is enough enough?

    I was just discussing bird guns with someone and I got to thinking about the shotguns I own. It seems I may have a problem, as I really had to think about how many I have. I even forgot about one the first time I did the mental inventory. I'm bidding on yet another on gunbroker. I have no...