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  1. Kismet

    The Costs of snake bite venom, and the reason why...

    Was curious about some of the outrageous costs quoted by some folks who have been bitten. Found this article. Actually, not all that surprised.
  2. Kismet

    Finally got out with Tinker

    I've had some trepidation about being able to get out pheasant hunting this year with my old legs. I've been walking regularly, but recovery takes longer these days. Wasn't sure of how I'd do. Finally got Tinker out and we walked a portion of the State land near here. One other guy out there...
  3. Kismet

    No one suspects a thing...

  4. Kismet

    The part you can't buy

    Wrote this a couple of years ago. Still holds true for me as friends depart. Enjoy.
  5. Kismet

    Said Good-bye

    to Mick today. He made me fall in love with field-bred Springer Spaniels. What a joy for an old curmudgeon to get lucky with a rescue dog, rescued by the American Brittany Rescue, but turned out to be a field bred springer. He was my wing-man for the last 11 years. I was very fortunate.
  6. Kismet

    Seen on Madison, WI's, pets listing on Craig's list GWP pup

    Three and one half months old, AKC, female, and after talking with the guy on the phone, they bought more dog than they expected. :) I have no connection with seller, other than giving him a call. I'm too old to take on a 3.5 month-old puppy, I don't want to out-live my dogs. but, lord knows...
  7. Kismet

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!!

    May you all have good health, strong legs, and great dogs; may your hunting companions be good friends and safe outdoorsmen; may your opportunities to search and find game be abundant; and may you always seek and find reasons to laugh as you encounter bumps in life's road. Kis, Mick, and Tinker
  8. Kismet

    Replacing colllar battery in Tri-Tronics Basic Sport G3

    OK, sounds simple, right? Just do a search online, find a site for Tri Tronics, and order away...well, no. I filled out the form on the Garmin Tri Tronics site and within an hour (good speed) got an email saying "we don't do dog collars." Uh... Seems like Garmin got the name but is either not...
  9. Kismet

    70 year old pheasant hunter breaks leg, crawls for 16 hours!

    JUST spotted this in a search. I would have been carrion, instead of carried out. :) January 6, 2016... MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — North Dakota was the site of a harrowing story of survival, and a persistent father who refused to give up. Dr. Richard Olsen, 70, broke his leg after falling into a...
  10. Kismet

    Casual dog/bird pictures 2017---Happy Times!

    I was shooting low, but one bird came home. Tink worked like a seasoned professional. Wish it was cooler.
  11. Kismet

    Old Friend will hunt one more season !!!

    For most of the year, I've been having bouts of melancholy when thinking about Mick, my 13 year-old field Springer. He's slowed down, has 8 or 9 lipomas, or fatty tumors, and life is wearing upon both of us. I got him as a rescue from American Brittany Rescue, whose Illinois branch took in the...
  12. Kismet

    One of the best GWP breeders, gone now...RIP

    Jude Moebius, of Farmgate Kennels, died recently at 80 years of age. Jude was crusty, but had a big heart and a reputation for integrity that was stellar. She'd raised her daughter herself, and did a variety of other work: chef, Insurance supervisor, order administration at Land's End...with...
  13. Kismet

    H&R and NEF Singles no longer offered

    Was down at the gun shop and putting some extra singles for sale on his rack. He mentioned that Remington? had purchased H&R and in the new catalog, they are not offering single shot shotguns. I still have mine, but am saddened by them dropping the line. Well, MAYBE dropping the line. He...
  14. Kismet

    Stupid, Stupid, STUPID rabbits!

    Well, Mick just brought back one of the baby bunnies from his THIRD nest this year. This one (and I hope he didn't ingest others from the nest.) was damaged and writhing. Tinker may have helped with some of the first two. ggrrrrrrrrr. What really ticks me off is that the dogs are out on a...
  15. Kismet

    Tinker turns 3 years old. Life is good. :)

    The Craig's list GWP pup I bought two years ago, presuming she would be my last bird dog, turns 3 years old March 8th. I got lucky. I've been able to perk her up from fearful and submissive to a happy pup who loves to hunt, has been flawless (so far) in retrieving, is just plain funny when...
  16. Kismet

    Police dogs trained to track computer chips!

    Just when I think I've heard every good thing about canine companions, another variation of the application of their abilities comes to light. Pretty neat, I think. :) Electronics-sniffing dogs: How K9s became a secret weapon for solving high-tech crimes Law enforcement has trained...
  17. Kismet

    First serious snow in WI 2016

    Ended up a little over 3 inches around here. It was hard to see with the icy pellets hitting your eyes. The dogs love it, so I took them out with the ATC on the fields below the house. I think Tink would still be out there if I hadn't called a halt to to it.
  18. Kismet

    2016 Wisconsin possession limit increased

    In what may one of the quietest modifications to hunting rules since I've been around, The State of Wisconsin increased the possession limit of pheasant from four birds to six birds in total possession (afield and in the freezer.) The increase is in the small game regulation booklet for...
  19. Kismet

    Cubs Win!

    I lived in Chicago for the first 43 years of my life. When the game got to 6-6, I was pretty sure the tradition was going to continue. :( But now, I want a Billy Goat's double cheezborger with chip. :D (Back in 1908, Theodore Roosevelt was president, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii...
  20. Kismet

    Great Older Dog still got it!

    The last two seasons, I've been concentrating on the GWP pup, trying to get her the most exposure possible to birds and teaching herself how to work them. Mick, my 11-12 year old Springer has been stoically watching the pup and I take the shotgun out. The pup's coming along, and so I took Mick...