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    Quail Report

    Anybody have a quail report I have not seen to many in the southeast part of the state but of course it is still early.
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    Does anybody hunt there and can you tell me about it? Thanks
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    Where to go?

    Hello, I cant decide where to go my family and i are wanting to go on a upland hunt for four to five days and dont know where to go but would like to go on public land. With that said i was wanting to go to montana and hunt huns and for me that looks like about 12 to 15 hundred miles so that is...
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    First off i live in New Mexico and my family and i are set on planning a vacation next year on a out of state to upland hunt on public lands in another state??? I just dont know where to go i would like to hunt huns or chukar maybe even mountain quail does anybody have any ideas? I would be the...
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    New Mexico here

    Hello everyone and merry cristmas. My name is Dwain Im 31yrs and I hunt blues (quail) in southeast NM. My Guns of choice are a Browning 12ga citori superlight feather,and a remington lefthand 11-87 12ga also that i cant hardly put down. My dog black lab 5yr old, but would like to add a vizsla to...