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  1. 20super90

    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    No birds on on public in sd. Save your time......
  2. 20super90

    REAL South Dakota 2021 review.

    Crep land from today..... no birds on public.....
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    2021 Season

    Couple take aways from the 21 opener.... took the boys(3) and (7) out Saturday a.m. we walked for pry a hour and headed back to truck. Was 6 other trucks parked withing few hundred yards of us. Very few shots..... I know it's early and it pry ain't that big of a deal but we had to sound...
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    Iowa phez vs SD

    I'm curious on the #
  5. 20super90

    Minnesota Hunting Atlas

    They do but better my a magnifying glass while your at it...very small and just colors. spend the 30 bucks invest in onx maps. Can zoom in and if on it enough get a pretty good idea of habitat in areas. Etc cattails,water, grass, trees.
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    Bare shelves

    16 and 28 gauge one whole isle full no 20 or 12
  7. 20super90

    16 shells

    Mitchell cabelas had a whole isle of 16 and 28 ps
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    Shells? Bring Money

    Any one like golden pheasant 20 gauge 3 inch 5s and wanna trade for 20 gauge 3 inch 5s in federal premium upland. Ounce and a quarters
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    New upland shotgun?

    I shoot a older benelli m1 20 gauge.... it had a few hiccups early in its life in colder weather with bolt not closing completely,but put a heavier wolf spring in and it hasnt let me down since. Pry 7 or 8 boxes of federal 1 1/4 5 shot a year and not 1 issue. The ultra lights...
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    6 yr old lab..... trig, with his take from last year
  11. 20super90

    Hunting Boots

    Can I ask what crispis your running. Was looking at the black and orange. I think there are GTX?
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    Am I reading this right.... do these boots have a liner???
  13. 20super90

    2020 Season stats

    The gun thing wouldnt be good...... pry head to the bar at that point lol. As for no boots. ..... I think the hey dudes or crocs I wear for the car ride I could make work. Maybe go buy a couple loads of bread quick for the bags...
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    2020 Season stats

    Ooofta....... counting the hens flushed????? That's dedication. Got a hard enough time remember to throw the gun in the car in the morning. Hunted 10 days in s.d. roughly 40 in minnesota. South dakota all public. Minnesota all public except for 3 days ... 115 rooster bagged 3...
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    How About The Weirdest, Strangest Thing you've Seen/Experienced While Hunting?

    Haha... pry 20 years ago my dad and myself were walking some public land around the home town. We were done hunting for the day and had just got back to the truck when we heard what sounded like 2 harleys coming down the gravel road. Well down this windy curvy road came 2 beat up mini Van's...
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    Rate your 2020 season

    I'd have to go with a 2 ... if 1 is the best....... we surpassed our personal best this year by over 30 birds, I was able to get my dad back out in the pheasant fields, my wife and kids got out a couple time.... and our south dakota trips went about normal which is a good thing. Well besides...
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    New to the MN Game

    Thanks. I also have orvis jacket similar but keep grabbing this one..... cabelas one just fits better. Touch lighter....
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    New to the MN Game

    here's a few from today.... 4 hrs of cattails
  19. 20super90

    New to the MN Game

    Them came off the only private spot I can hunt. And only a few times. After deer season.... was on public today... seen a bunch. Real flighty. Only 1 close enough to take home
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    Western Minnesota Hunt

    It was needed. ... birds gettin awfully flighty... needed something to push em into cover. Hold em tighter. With next weeks forecast just coming in..... its gonna get deep in a hurry