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    For Sale: Heritage 2 Hole Dog Box

    SOLD - SOLD 46" Wide 44" Deep 25" Tall Including the 5" top storage Nothing wrong with this box. I bought it used and have decided to go a different route. Top Storage has lock and gas shocks to hold the lid up. Located near Burlington Iowa
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    Franchi Veloce Squire 20/28 combo

    Sold Pending Payment I have a Franchi Veloce Squire combo gun I don't shoot anymore. Wood is 95% very minor handling marks. 20 gauge barrel 27.5" comes with IC, MOD, and Full flush chokes 28 gauge Barrel 26" comes with IC, MOD, Full flush chokes. With the 20 gauge barrels it weighs 5 lbs 15 oz...
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    For Sale: Franchi Veloce Squire 20/28 combo

    SOLD I have a Franchi Veloce squire combo gun I don't shoot anymore. Wood is 95% very minor handling marks. Both barrels have some blueing wear that is not very noticeable. 20 gauge barrel 27.5" comes with IC, MOD, and Full flush chokes 28 gauge Barrel 26" comes with IC, MOD, Full flush...
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    11/3 Public Land

    I have always been lucky to not have had to travel far to pheasant hunt. Last year I told myself I wanted to take a road trip to see some new country. I took Thursday off and drove 3 hours to some public land. I had a great time met some nice folks and came home with a few birds. The area I was...
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    Until next year

    It has been a fun year for me. This was Belle's 2nd season and she is progressing better than I would have ever expected. I took a few days off this week and enjoyed some great weather, friends and hunts. Tuesday I hunted some private land with a couple of farmer friends. We had a lot of wild...
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    Rough Conditions

    The last week has been a little rough down here in the SE corner of the state. A lot of my private ground had a 1/4" of ice on all the grass. it makes for some pretty sunrises but tough hunting conditions. The ground that doesn't have ice has 2-4" of snow with a crust on it that makes a perfect...
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    Garmin Alpha vs. Sportdog 2.0

    I am seriously looking at buying a GPS collar with stimulation. It seems most people have and like the Alpha. The only reason I am even considering the Sportdog is it appears it is considerably easier to change the stimulation level and the buttons are on the side for tone and stimulation. I...
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    I got out for a short afternoon hunt today. Mistake one - always be ready when you get into the cover As I was walking away from the truck I was trying to reset my flush counter, on my whistle lanyard and saw Bell getting a little birdy. Mistake two always trust your dog, I was 20 yards from...
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    Pre Thanksgiving birds

    I was able to sneakout for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon. I was hunting a big block of CRP. With the South wind we hunted down the North side where it met a ripped corn field. I always seem to have the best luck in the afternoons close to food. The first three points were hens. Then after a...
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    Tough Weekend

    I usually love hunting the first snow. This weekend was rough though, Saturday I hunted spots that I thought would be a quick limit for sure. We shot one rooster, Belle caught one, 1 quail, and jumped 7 hens. Every bird held foe solid points which was fun to watch. This morning I went out after...
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    Quick Limit

    I hunted private ground this morning, I got there a little late and stepped into the grass at 8:30. All filter strips with a mixture of foxtail and switch grass. First two points were hens. Then 3 wild flushing roosters. We rounded a little bend and a solid point and rooster number one went down...
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    Short afternoon hunt

    I got out for the last two hours today. I am tired of this wind but I did have quite a few birds hold nicely and the dog worked well. I should have had a limit but the sun made bird ID difficult I know I let 3 roosters have a free pass because I wasn't sure. Still a great afternoon to be out. I...
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    Weekend Report

    I hunted Friday afternoon for a hour in a spot I had never hunted and was hoping for some Quail but all I found was one wild flushing rooster and a Coyote Saturday afternoon I hunted all buffer strips that were thick switch grass with some foxtail mixed in. Lots of birds but 90% flushed wild 3...
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    First time this year on live birds

    I took my year and half old lab out this morning to see how much she forgot about live birds. Even without being able to shoot I remember why I like this hobby so much. We jumped 11 birds in 2 hours and she held a point on 9 of them until I flushed them. She even found a nice covey which I...