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  1. BPATT11

    Bird Dog Injury

    Looking for some help. I was running my dog in our usual spot and it was at night. He yelped and came running back with a good cut on his eye and a bump on the other. Eventually blood began to drip out of his nose. He hit a branch or something. I am wondering what to do? How do dog's nose...
  2. BPATT11

    Iowa Quail

    I live in North Central Iowa. One of my buddies and I want to go to southern Iowa and hunt quail for the day. I have checked the game distribution map and know where to generally go, however there is a problem. I just feel like there is a lack of public land down South compared to North...
  3. BPATT11

    Hunting Boots

    I am in the market for new hunting boots. The last pair I had were just okay and cost around $150. I used them every time I went out for 2 season. One thing I didn't like is that they weren't waterproof enough. Insulation was okay on them, being in the upland and working my toes were never...
  4. BPATT11

    Places to Stay

    I am just doing research on where to hunt and where to stay. I am looking for a place that has a kitchen and will allow my dog to come into the house. I am planning a hunt with just him and I that could expand to a few people, probably 5 maximum. I would prefer not to stay in a hotel because...