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    Pheasant Country Lodge-Redfield, SD

    Does anyone have any info on the Pheasant Country Lodge in Redfield? I'm thinking about staying there. Lodge accommodations? Hunting ground quality? Bird numbers, etc?
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    Info for Chamberlain

    I am planning a trip to South Dakota this fall for the week of October 25th. I am reaching out to you guys today in hopes of being pointed in the right direction. A little about our group. I have a party of six guys that are committed, but that number may jump to ten. Most likely it will be...
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    New from Michigan

    New guy here from Michigan. Actually joined a couple years ago. But have just been lurking more or less for the last few years. Have been to SD a few times with a group but they are fizzling out. Putting together a group to go in fall of 2015 in the Chamberlain area.
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    HELP! Shadow Needs a ride!

    Okay here's the gig: I just got invited to go to South Dakota for my first "real" pheasant hunt. My Black Lab, Shadow, and I have been hunting here in Michigan for the last five seasons on some private land here in Isabella County, and on various pheasant farms throughout the state. A...