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    Nutria Rat Knockout Video

    Taste like chicken?
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    Mules Chaps...Waterproof or No-liner, what do you prefer?

    I have used Dan's hunting gear , Sugar creek Ohio since they were first made by an amish man at his home. They have since been sold to current owner. Many new choices of chaps. Google Dan's Hunting gear. Mule chaps etc. originated also here in Ohio by Emmet Brohard a local coon hunter in Dayton...
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    Reasonable brush pant

    Try chaps or nylon bibs over a pair of jeans
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    Upland brush pants

    I used to hunt in carharrt bibs, but the weight was to much for old legs. Switched to jeans with the chaps. In cold conditions is wear lined jeans under the chaps.
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    Upland brush pants

    Maybe you would be happy with a pair of Dan's nylon chaps. You can also tie the bottoms and wade thru water.