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    Ring-Necked pheasant survival, nest habitat use, and occupancy in Kansas spring cover This is a very interesting article and study you guys might find it interesting. This is a two year study which is alway better than a one year. This is a good study but what jumped out at me...
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    Wild pheasants along the Red River ( Texoma)

    I have been getting reports off and on for ten or fifteen years of bird watchers seeing wild pheasants around Lake Texoma. Wild pheasants in time can expand their range. Every wild pheasant in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas originated from pen raised escapee, on purpose or accident. Each...
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    Wild Pheasant Numbers

    In the article below the Panhandle biologist gives a positive report on wild pheasant numbers, the season open Dec. 3, 2016.
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    Pheasant Numbers

    The article below reports positive news about Oklahoma wild pheasant numbers.
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    Pheasant Population Report

    The article below says that north-central Oklahoma saw an improvement in the wild pheasant population. If north-central Oklahoma wild pheasants improved than the pheasants in south central Kansas should have improved also. Those areas received about the same amount of rain this spring and...
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    Pheasants Out of Window South of Missoula Montana- Video

    Wild pheasants in Big Sky Country