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    Best sub 2k dollar o/u

    Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 in 20ga would be my choice, have had mine for a few years and it's an absolute dream to carry
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    Wisconsin pheasant hunting

    Stocking trucks run most of the fall and isn't published, someone always seems to find out when they are going and guys follow them around and pretty much shoot the birds off the truck. If your friend is seeing birds now he may be in one of the areas that still holds wild birds. Keep your mouth...
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    First KS Upland Hunt Jan '22, Hopefully

    I've hunted KS 3 times now in December, twice solo, and gotten my butt kicked each time but I had a blast. I have seen birds each time but be prepared to put in the work. I'd be more successful if my gun shot straight.
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    Thanks for the offer, not sure when I will be back, if I don't get another dog for a while it may be a couple years, one old dog and one guy makes for long days. You did a good number on your tire. I caught mine early enough I was about 25 miles from town and I was able to get back to my hotel...
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    I don't know if it was a "tough hunt" it was what I expected. This is my 3rd trip to KS and I'm learning more each time. The worst part of the trip was the drive there and back and on day 2 the flat tire that cut my day short.
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    Got back yesterday, drive there was rough down 80 and I ended up sleeping at a rest area to wait it out which put me behind schedule by 5 hours but any way in the 2.5 days I did get to hunt I found a few pheasants, mostly hens but one rooster did give me an opportunity but I made a poor shot and...
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    Will do, I forgot it's still deer season this weekend so hopefully I won't run into too many more people.
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    Leaving for NC KS friday night, trying a different spot than I hunted last year, still haven't had much luck the 2 times I've hunted KS but for some silly reason I keep trying.
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    Where's the ammo? shipped to you in a few days if you are loking for bismuth.
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    Q5 vest...

    I have the centerfire, you made the right choice.
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    Best choke for 20ga using pointing dogs

    Shoot an IM/Full in my O/U. I'm weird though, I like to take my time on shots and end up shooting farther than I probably need to. I also don't get the chance to hunt often so take my advice with a grain of salt.
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    One week until the best time of year

    I've heard the same, unfortunately even at my age I'm what is considered a high risk individual so I am thankful things have been mild.
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    One week until the best time of year

    I currently have it and if my symptoms don't get worse I would say the common cold is usually worse on me than COVID has been. My girlfriend has it a bit worse than I do but her symptoms are close to the common cold as well. The lack of taste and smell is what is driving me crazy at the moment...
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    One week until the best time of year

    I'll be heading out the second week of December for my 3rd trip to KS. Hoping one of these years I will get it figured out.
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    Beretta A400 20ga Upland

    I have a 20ga A400 Lite, it doesn't like trap loads sometimes but hunting with it has been great
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    What are your plans this year?

    I'm coming back to KS again this year in December and I'm going to start in the west central part of the state Who knows where I will go from there. Plan on spending 4 days or so on WIHA as long as the dog holds up just nice to get away for a while into some different country since I don't get...
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    New 2020-2021 WIHA map is out

    I've thought about it but I would like to avoid the snow, thought about NE this year too but for some reason the couple times I've been to KS I've had a great time, unsuccessful, but a ton of fun. That keeps me coming back.
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    This is BS

    And they do an excellent job
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    This is BS

    I would say that's an accurate statement in every state.
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    This is BS

    I know a truck driver, GFP may not claim them but the stocked bird population in SD is alive and well.