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    Roadside Survey

    I agree, very little morning dew for most of the summer. Little reason to push them out to the road
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    Minnesota Hunting Atlas

    Seems like the big difference between South Dakota and Minnesota is that at least for pheasants, SD is more interested in the tourism dollars.
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    Pheasant loads

    I was at my local fleet farm this week and they told me they typically get around 100 boxes of whatever shotshells per day. Corporate pit a 20 box limit. Those 100 boxes last less then one hour.
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    Roadside Survey

    it will be interesting to see how the numbers reflect areas of highest drought.
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    Prairie Chicken lottery

    What is the average amount of years does it take before you typically get drawn for a license)
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    Game Fair 2021!

    Keep us posted on what you find for great deals!
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    Game Fair 2021!

    Thinking about next week but not yet decided on which day
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    Gun fire conditioning alone

    We do similar to this but instead of food we use pigeons. We like to use the sound and birds together.
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    Hatch Opinions?

    We saw lots of birds early spring but no chicks yet. Things are drier then a popcorn fart in southern Minnesota
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    Dog Injury

    Good luck and keep us posted on how he does!
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    Hunting rig -SOLD-

    Nice truck!
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    Customizing truck canopy

    Slider windows with screens and Ryobi fans to move the air.
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    Looking for hunting area Minnesota

    Do tell!
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    Rest easy my friend, a tribute to Wyatt

    Sorry for your loss
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    Looking for hunting area Minnesota

    Head west as far from the metro area as possible.
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    Hearing protection

    Has anyone had any experience with the Defendear digital from Westone?
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    Hearing protection

    Thanks! Seems like everyone who has them likes them
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    Large heavy duty weather proof storage tote.

    I have one of those as well. Although heavy to move around, they are waterproof and built strong!
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    Hearing protection

    Exactly what I’m always saying! Perhaps we can get a forum group discount 😂
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    Hearing protection

    Thanks! That’s how I thought they were done but wasn’t sure.