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    ISO Dickinson ND cabin/hunting friendly house

    As the title suggests, looking for somewhere for me and three buddies, and 6 dogs to stay in the 2021-2022 season. Will not need guides or permission for property to hunt on, just the lodging. Dog friendly inside preferred, exterior kennels capable of holding 6 large breed hunting dogs required...
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    UP grouse/woodcock hunt

    Gents, Much like the post previous to this, I am scheduled for my first experience with grouse as well. Our trip will run from October 17-October 21 on a GEMS site in Luce County. We will probably hit other areas near there, bit that will be our focus point. As stated in the previous post, I...
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    NW gamelands?

    Hello all! I'm looking at making a trip up to hunt some of the game lands near Erie, PA for a couple days for the Dec 14-28 part of the season. I will be bringing my 2.5 year old chocolate lab, and will be going up Sunday night, hunting Monday and Tuesday, heading back to Ohio late Tuesday. My...
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    your "go to" gun

    Going to start a hopefully lively conversation. I'm looking at buying another shotgun strictly devoted to pheasant hunting. I wanted to pose the question "if you could pick only one shotgun to hunt pheasant with for the rest of time, what gun would you choose and why?" I'm open to any and all...
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    Best public areas to hunt

    so, I am looking at making a drive out to SD for a 4 day weekend from Ohio for some bird hunting, and have a couple questions: 1) being as I am from out of town, and I am going to have to hunt public lands, which city/public lands would be the best starting place for me to try? I will be...
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    Stoeger Uplander SXS chokes

    Does anyone have any idea what thread choke tubes you can use in these? I have both the 12ga and 20ga barrel sets for this, and need some choke tubes to make these more versatile for what im doing. Im looking for a 20ga F and 12ga IM and SK. any leads on these, or what style choke tubes I can...
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    new guy from Ohio

    Hello all, My name is Ben, from NE Ohio. I've been pheasant hunting for several years here, with my dog Mandy (I'll figure out how to attach pictures shortly). Looking for some new people to hit the fields with!