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    How many have used a Shotkam and what is your opinion of it?
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    SW Nebraska

    Just got back from a 2 day hunt in SW NE. Bagged 1 bird in about 10 hours of hunting. Some of the worst conditions I have seen in 25 years hunting the same places. Really appears there was not much of a hatch last summer cause there are not many birds period. Guess I am gonna have to try SD or...
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    Best GoPro 8 settings

    I upgraded from a Hero 3 to an 8 and notice a lot of changes on it. What are the best settings to use for filming hunting in the field?
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    Scheel's Pheasant Max loads

    Has anyone tried Scheel's Pheasant max loads on pheasants? Got a gift card with them I was debating getting some to try. Thanks-
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    Congestive Heart Failure

    My 12 year old lab was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is now on Vetmedin as a result. She seems to be doing pretty well on it but not sure if she has any hunting in her future as a result. Does anyone have any experience with this possibly? Sure hate to have her instantly...
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    BP Ammo changes

    The MB Long range load has evidently been discontinued and they now have a shell that appears to be replacing it called B&P Heavy Pheasant with a velocity of 1500 FPS. Man I sure liked the MB long range shell as it was kind to my shoulder when firing several rounds and patterned nicely. The new...
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    WIA atlas

    I put a request into the KDWP office back in early December for a copy of the 2014 WIA atlas. It just showed up a few days ago and the season ends Saturday. Man they sure don't work too fast getting those things out :confused:
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    Go-Pro Camera's

    So I took the plunge and just got one to use this upcoming season after seeing some footages taken with them last season. Question, what settings work best in the field and mounts are best for using while hunting? Any tips/advice is appreciated :thumbsup:
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    B&P case ordering

    So I just tried to purchase a case of ammo from B&P and they claim free shipping BUT when you go to check out they have a $12.95 handling fee instead. Wow what a joke... Think I will shop elsewhere. I like their ammo but not so much I am going to deal with this BS.
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    CRP loss

    So far the loss of CRP I have seen out there is gut wrenching. Farmers now are turning to high corn and grain prices to plow up expired parcels. The end result is huge habitat loss which equals pheasant loss. It would seem the CRP program is in trouble from what I have seen. Thoughts on this...
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    OK to Trespass?

    Just got back from SW Neb and was blown away by the numbers of hunters I saw out last weekend. It was far worse than opening day was and I observed several parties hunting land they did not have permission to hunt on. Folks, since it is the last weekend of the season and the landowners possibly...
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    Was it worth it?

    Curious to the people that went pheasant hunting in ND this season, was it worth it? I didn't get to make it up due to a last minute emergency. Hope things fare better for next year up there...
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    Cut Pad help

    I have a lab that cut a pad badly on my last outing, had a vet look at it and she didn't want to stitch it unbelievably so she used the liquid bandage glue on it and told me to keep a boot on him and he should heal in a couple weeks. Well going on the end of week 2 it is still oozing and appears...
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    Breasting birds

    I just got back from a trip where I observed a large group at the motel I stayed at only removing the breasts from birds and discarding the rest. I was dismayed by what I saw to say the least. Thought about reporting them but since I was the only one that witnessed it figured they would know it...
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    Bloat Dangers

    My 5 year old male lab developed bloat 2 days ago and we had to take him into the ER for a costly life saving surgery. This surgery now runs $4-6K evidently and has been quite a shock to deal with. He will make a full recovery but beware it appears a rawhide he had been eating may have played a...
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    Feeding, How often do you?

    So I have two labs I normally feed both morning and evening and was thinking of cutting them back to just once a day instead. What do you like to do with yours and is once a day enough on a larger dog? I heard some folks prefer once a day so was curious. BB
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    possession limit?

    Could not find it on the Kansas G&F website- what is the possession limit on pheasant, 12 or 16? Strange it showed a daily limit of 4 but not the possession limit. Thinking of planning a trip out there and wanted to clarify on this. Thanks in advance, BB
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    Bowman/Hettinger area help

    So I am thinking of making my first trip to hunt in one of these areas this fall. Any advice/suggestions/comments that could help a first timer to ND? I plan to try to hunt public areas and ask permission where possible. Probably will shoot for end of October if things work out. If you would...
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    Prairie Storm consensus

    How did people feel shooting this stuff and would you buy more? I tried it on one trip and was pretty dissatisfied with it myself. Either blew apart birds in closer or totally missed them. Longer shots was about the only decent thing for it seemed like. Did not pattern any better at long range...
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    Last weekend's results

    So how did people do last weekend after the snow we had? Unfortunately I could not get out myself. Was the snow crusted and noisy or was it worth your while? Planning a trip the last weekend of the month and it will all be melted for sure by then. Happy hunting to those who are still chasin...