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    Timing is everything

    As a kid I chased wild ringnecks in SW PA. During the late 80's through 2009 I hunted SW IA every year. Since 2010 I have chased birds in KS. The size of fields and cover type is certainly different in KS than IA And while I have been successful, I am trying to get a grasp on being more...
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    Veterinarian in SW KS

    Next week I plan to hunt in SW Kansas with a pup that has recently had an eye issue. In the highly unlikely event that I might need the services of a good vet, can anyone provide a good referral? Thanks! Reilly
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    Spring in SW PA

    Last weekend while turkey hunting on state game lands in SW PA I heard a number of ringnecks crowing. The area is managed fairly intensively for pheasants. I sure hope that the PGC has released hens in that area. It brings up the thought "should hens be legal game in the Commonwealth"? They...
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    Disturbing story from Kansas A sad story of a pup in Kansas. Posted by rclagg [User Info] [Email User] on 11/22/2011, 6:25 am My 9 month old pup was shot while hunting in Kansas last week. We were hunting on my cousins property and my pup ran onto...