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    3 days in South Dakota

    Just wrapped up a 3 day trip to South Dakota, 6 guys, 4 dogs hunted mostly public and some prime private part of the last day, also had great weather for hunting. We spent most of our time between mobridge/redfield/Pierre. Have to say I was very disappointed, we did not see near the pheasants...
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    Hunting near Lemmon

    Headed out that way the end of November for the first time, we have some private access lined up on the grand river, and probably mix in some public access spots a day or two. Huns and sharp tails sound like they could be a bonus, but really focusing on finding roosters. Sounds like numbers are...
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    How was the opener

    Heading out for a couple days of pheasant hunting in the southwest portion of the state. Curious how the first couple days of the season have been.
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    Hunting between Hettinger and Lemmon

    I was just curious what the pheasant hunting was like in the areas around Lemmon and Hettinger. Going to be headed up that way this fall for the first time. Hopefully get into a few pheasants. Anyone familiar with that area as far as bird number usually go. Thanks
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    Browning A5 sweet 16 or Benelli ultralight 12

    Well the title says it all. Looking at these two guns and like them both. Be primarily for pheasant, but you know how huns and sharpies tend to find there way in the mix. Just curious what your opinions of both outfits were. Thanks
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    Planning North Dakota pheasant hunt

    Hey guys, I am trying to put together a pheasant hunt out there this fall. Sounds like access to about 9,000 acres in the southwest corner of the state right on the ND/SD border between Lemmon and Hettinger. It sounds like it could be some decent hunting, although looking at google earth much of...
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    Hunting Wiley birds with French Brittany

    So I have a question for all you bird dog trainers out there. I have a 10 month old male French Brittany, he has had quite a bit of exposure to pheasants, working him in fields and has also been on quite a few actual hunts (maybe 20). He seems like he is a natural, lots of bird drive. My...
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    Multiple dogs for wild pheasants

    I currently run one French Britt and we got into a lot of wild jumping birds this last season gets real frustrating when your dog gets birdy and on the the trail only to have birds bust 100 yards ahead of you. My question is do you guys/gals think running two dogs at once would in anyway confuse...
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    Fort Hall Rez

    Can anyone shed some light on the pheasant hunting on fort hall. Does it have solid numbers of huntable pheasants? Can a guy expect to get into a few birds with a decent dog? I'm just trying to plan ahead so I can save up some cash if the hunting is worth while. I have heard a few good things...
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    Brrrrrr, looks cold

    Dang it's looking cold up there. Planning on coming up next week to chase some pheasants. Hunted Montana a few times and it is usually a fun time. Curious how the pheasant numbers are doing between Great Falls/Shelby. From the few reports I have found it sounds like about an average year, does...
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    New French Britt

    I'm the new guy on the forum, first post. Nice site you have here. Ran and been around American Brittany's my whole life, but picked up a little male French Britt just recently. I am very excited to say the least. He seems to have very good instincts. 5 1/2 months old and took him out the other...