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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I have been hunting NE Montana the past 10 days for Sharptails and Huns. A good population of both species exists and hunting was good. As far as pheasants, I only saw a few and was quite discouraged by the numbers of ringnecks. I live in MT and have to admit I believe our pheasant season will...
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    your loss
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Oh yeah-- 48 to 72 degrees F is tough. If you and/or your dog cannot handle that, perhaps you need to find a new sport. It never ceases to amaze me why some people are critical of others to the point of arrogance. Lets see the sparks fly now!!!
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    I hunted Sharptails and Huns in NE Montana the past 10 days. Surprisingly, there is a terrific population in the area I hunted. I say "surprisingly" because of the nasty drought. I am very concerned with the pheasant population though. Did not see very many ringnecks!
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Much of MT remains in drought condition (particularly NE Montana). I've been scouting last week and am disappointed in the numbers of birds found. A few older birds but few young.
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    Last pup?

    Currently I have two GSP's. One is +12 yrs (pretty much retired) and the other is 6. Sadly, I am losing my 6 yr old to cancer (UGHH!). I have a pup coming from Idaho Hunting Dogs in June. That's exciting! At 65 yrs old with good health, I ponder if my new pup will be my last bird dog. Expecting...
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    Mild Winter??

    In my neck of the woods - winter has been rather mild with warmer temps and lower snowfall. Could be setting up for a good carry over of birds. Any fellow pheasant hunters have different conditions to post? "Cackle and Color"
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    NW North Dakota

    Anyone have information on the NW part of N. Dakota- say the Crosby/ Fortuna area. Seeking info on pheasant populations and access. Live out of state and have a friend that wants to explore this area. Thanks in advance.
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    Fortuna / Crosby ND area

    Anyone have experience pheasant hunting around Crosby/Fortuna North Dakota. Interested in access to private land as well as bird numbers. Thanks