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    General Advice Needed for Grouse and Quail??

    I’ve hunted sw Nebraska and got pheasants, quail and at least saw either chickens or sharps. Most likely chickens but I can’t tell the difference unless I’m close. These flew over me in a corn field and landed out in stubble. I think your out of luck on Quail in Mt.
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    Emergency haying.

    I live to hunt birds , but I also grew up on a farm / ranch and now do that on the side. Drought is tough we went through it in Oklahoma from about 09 to 13 or 14. Ponds went dry lakes went dry, we had fields where the grass didn’t just stop growing it died out completely. If emergency baling...
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    im Not trying to say it’s not dry if it is. i was just hoping for farmers ranchers and the birds that they were getting some of the rains we were blessed with. Although its not looking like our quail situation in western ok is anything to get excited about. Even with the great summer rains.
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    I’m surprised I thought Kansas was getting some good rains this summer. It’s not on the drought monitor. We’ve had a wet summer here inOk and every time I look at the radar it looks like Kansas is getting it good too.
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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    What are some other sites you like, I’ve tied a few and to me this one is pretty good. It’s pretty active. Ive come to realize there’s gonna be more friction on forums. People are more cordial face to face. But I love discussing bird hunting so some griping isn’t going to stop me.
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    Prairie Grouse, partridge, and other assorted upland birds

    of the birds I’ve tried Blues are easily the best. No tips or tricks you can just fry em up. about any mountain range in the west
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I have hunted blue grouse in NM, I have not got them figured out. Last year the area I hunted was pretty dry compared to the year before. I got skunked last year. I did find a few the year before.
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Hal and Fern Cooper is North west of Woodward then Cimarron Hills and Cimarron Bluff North east. Cooper is the biggest at about 17000 acres. There’s also some walk in in the area. I haven’t hunted them myself yet.
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Do you find chukar and Huns in Wyoming? I’d love to try them but with my job its hard to get to Idaho or Nevada during the season
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I’m hopeful i did see several decent coveys on my farm even after the big freeze. There was some carryover and it’s been a pretty good summer.
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I have no idea on the quail here in Ok. I haven’t seen a lot this summer. But the cover is thick. And there have been a few summers I saw them everywhere then the season was crap.
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I’ve tried blues a couple times, only got 1. I’m a prairie hunter and I haven’t got the mountain birds figured out. But success or not it’s always a great trip just getting into the mountains
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    Awesome, i‘ll probably do the same when I retire. Until then I’ll keep grabbing all the free time I can for trips. Hopefully Canada is open. I’d love to hear about all your trips but especially the Alberta trip. Good luck and congratulations on retiring.
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    Bird Numbers - Trail Camera Pictures

    Luckily were I run my Brit here in western ok she has chased a few jacks and figured out those things don’t play fair lol. Now she pretty much ignores them.
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    What trips do you have planned for this year

    I usually try to do a dusky hunt in New Mexico or Colorado early Sept. Then mid October I had planned Montana but that may have to change. In November and December I’ll hunt at home in Western Oklahoma and travel to Kansas and Nebraska for sure. And I’ve been thinking of trying New Mexico quail.
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    Minnesota combo?

    I definitely will as it gets closer and I decide between mn, nd, or mt. If I decide on mt I’ll for sure want to try a combo hunt.
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    Sharpies and the drought

    I’ve seen posts on Forums saying bird numbers haven’t been and won’t be impacted this year. Idk seems like the high temps would do harm. I’ll definitely be keeping up with whatever info comes out. I’d love to go to eastern Mt again this oct. They’re in the same boat.
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    I heard that there were pheasants on Valentine that surprises me since there Isn’t much agriculture around it. I hunted Valentine but just barely, I didn’t see many birds i mainly concentrated on McKelvie.
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    McKelvie is amazing, it’s a big area . The 2 years I went there wasn’t much pressure I saw a few antelope hunters not many grouse hunters. I didn’t hunt Valentine as much, mainly because on McKelvie there was more vehicle access. My wife could drop me off and I could walk an area and get picked...