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  1. Hunt1GSP

    Steel Shot

    Rogue, I see Boss has 16 gauge 4’s in stock if your still interested
  2. Hunt1GSP

    Possession Limit

    I hunt several states every fall, usually 4, this year maybe one more. I hunt with a group in ND and not every one wants to bring all their birds home. I volunteer to take any birds not wanted. So I called the CO and asked how I could legally take 60 (depends on the year) birds home. I was told...
  3. Hunt1GSP

    Steel Shot

    Yes I am, for the early season at least. I hunt over a gsp and plan on be picky on shots taken.
  4. Hunt1GSP

    Steel Shot

    Rogue Boss ammo does, but their currently out. But if you call they might be able to hook you up. I bought some for my 28 gauge to try out this year. They patterned well with an IM choke for me but I haven’t tried them on birds yet.
  5. Hunt1GSP

    Lost my hunting mojo

    First I am sorry for your loss and the current issue with Belle, but I agree with Britchaser. I say make her as comfortable as possible and bring her along. Maybe even let her do short hunts on her own. I did it with my last couple of dogs with age or issues, ten minutes might not seem like much...
  6. Hunt1GSP

    Shortage of shot shells

    Keep looking! Seriously, stop by local Wally Worlds daily and other sporting goods stores like scheels etc. They get shipments all the time the key is being there when the shelves are stocked. I am seeing more stuff on the shelves locally (central MN) as we get closer to seasons. Your other...
  7. Hunt1GSP

    NE MT Rookie

    I found that sending for the BMA access guide is a big help. It list all BMA land and what type. Type 1 has a sign in box, just sign and go hunt, type 2 you have to get a slip from land owner/manager and may have limits or restrictions. I also suggest a hunt app such as ONXMAPS it is a HUGE...
  8. Hunt1GSP

    Dove Hunting - Is it a thing?

    I don’t know that MN plants fields for dove hunting, but a few people I know do hunt doves in MN. Small grain isn’t as prevalent as it used to be but if you scout and can find some freshly harvested fields and get land owner permission you should do well.
  9. Hunt1GSP

    Looking for hunting area Minnesota

    Labs. I suggest investing in an app like ONX hunt. You can see all public areas and then mark the ones you are interested in. Then do some scouting prior to the season to see what habitat looks like and near by crops etc. I use it all the time in several states and it really saves some window time.
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    2021 Opener

    Here’s what I found online
  11. Hunt1GSP

    Let’s see em.

    Bones in Montana
  12. Hunt1GSP

    New member

    Hello, if I’d was a new to pheasant hunter and wanted a chance at birds my first trip, I would start looking for guide that would take me and my dogs out on his ground. I would not do a hunt at a lodge and get stuck in a group. Huron and Aberdeen would be places to start. Look on line for...
  13. Hunt1GSP

    e collar for non hunting dogs

    My misses has a Sport dog brand collar for her westie. He weighs about the same as your dog. It has tone, vibrate and correction. She uses the tone button when he is focused on something else, that’s usually all it takes for him.
  14. Hunt1GSP

    First Aid Kit for pup

    Nope, not yet. Standing stone kennels has some videos on you tube about doing it. His dog never flinched
  15. Hunt1GSP

    Pheasant sightings

    I don’t hunt birds out by the deer stand as it’s a swamp. Even with the latest cold snap it all doesn’t freeze solid. People have tried and it didn’t go well. I enjoy hunting pheasants and watching the dog work as well. Deer season is only a week long in my zone, and some days I’ll sit in the...
  16. Hunt1GSP

    Pheasant sightings

    Out by my deer stand. Obviously no ones hunts birds out there
  17. Hunt1GSP

    First Aid Kit for pup

    On my person, snare cutter, needle nose, blood clotter, gauze pads, wound wrap, black tape, wood dowl with 550 cord(to aid in removing conibear or in mouth to aid quill removal), saline, leash and. In the truck iodine, wound stapler, large saline, nail trimmer, scissor, baking soda, hydrogen...
  18. Hunt1GSP

    Adding bird dog to the mix

    Not sure if every dog would do it, but my gsp (60lb) lays down flat to get the the level of the westy (18lb). It kind of levels the field as the rough house.
  19. Hunt1GSP

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Currently-13 with -31 wind chill..... Overnight supposed to be-24 again... was -24 with a wind chill of -48 when I let the dogs out this morning
  20. Hunt1GSP

    Adding bird dog to the mix

    Yes, they play together in and out of the house. Just stop any unwanted behaviors as soon as they come up. But when I was doing basic training the with hunting dogs I did it away from the lap dogs in the beginning. So I had the pups full attention. Later on I used the lapdog as a distraction...