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    Montefeltro fans

    I have a 12 and a 20 both ultra lite, the 20 with 3 inch shells is no problem but the 12 lets you know you have fired it. The best news is at the end of the day you are not as tired as usual from carrying a heavy gun. The ultra lite is more money but I think it is well worth the difference.
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    New from South Carolina

    I found a guide service which sounds like what you have in mind. i have booked a trip with him for late november. Look for Dennis Foster in sd on the web.
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    Look away

    I read the court reports in my local newspaper and I notice one major contributor to most of the cases, DRUGS. I see several people I have known through out the 50 plus years I have lived in this area who have ruined their lives by using and or selling drugs. I think the answer is not...
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    Thank goodness for global warming. Just think how cold it would have been if we didn't have it.
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    Trail cam pics from corn feeding station

    Great pics ,,Thanks for posting. Cant wait for fall.
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    2020 season gun jams

    Had an issue with Remington 48 auto not cycling every time . Took it to a gun smith in Downs Ks who cleaned the chamber with solvent and a wire bore brush. He explained to me that some plastic is deposited from the shells when fired causing buildup and thus friction ejecting the fired shell...
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    The Flush

    Lost two GSP this fall. Sure does hurt, but remember the good times we would never have had without them. The Oak Ridge Boys did a song that is perfect for such times . It starts off "you are always in my heart and you are often on my mind, I would never think of leaving you behind"...
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    Dont knock it till you have tried it. I have shot at other preserves and the Special T is not like any of them. This is as close to wild bird hunting I have had .
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    I would highly reccomend a shooting preserve in Mitchell co ks . the rates are very reasonable and it is more like hunting useto be in ks back when. It is a family operation and offers about any package you might desire from full service to a do it yourself hunt. They can also provide...
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    What's in your vest?

    A two foot piece of foam pipe insulation to put over barbed wire fences when crossing. not used too often but mighty handy when you need it.
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    Board and Train for a rescue

    An old saying "you cant beat a man at his own game" applies in most cases. If your dog has good instincts for hunting there are several good books and videos available to help with training. A reputable trainer will quickly evaluate your dogs capabilities and save time and disapointment. I...
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    It finally happened!!!!!

    Good for you. If more folks would show appreciation for the hospitality of land owners perhaps land owners would be inclined to allow more hunters. I have made a practice of sending gift boxes to the folks where I deer hunt for some time and taken country hams to give to people where we...
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    Pic's '20 Season

    Great pics ...Thanks for sharing.
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    We hunted nc ks near the area you plan to hunt first week of season. Found several quail but very few pheasants. Did not seem to matter if on public or private ground. Good luck .
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    North central Kansas

    Finally gave up and to get some experience for a young dog i went to Special T hunting east of Tipton Ks . This was the high point of my trip. Not like a shooting preserve at all ,but was like hunting in Ks years ago with plenty of birds. I used my own dog and hunted on my own for...
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    North central Kansas

    after ten days beating the grass and sun flowers in nc kansas I too can testify that the quail have done well and the pheasants are very scarce. Using three good dogs we only managed to find on average one or two pheasants per day on wiha s.
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    Question about my now deaf dog...

    We owe it to the dogs to take every precaution to prevent a dog getting lost. The astro and others are expensive but can prevent losing a dog.
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    Question about my now deaf dog...

    Until I purchased my Ecollars I was sure my GSPs had hearing problems. Seems that they could not hear my commands but with the collars they responded quiet well. ha ha But all joking aside the astro has changed my hunting for the better. In tall grass several times I had dogs pointing but...
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    Why full choke?

    Ron White is a comedian who works with Jeff Foxworthy. His phrase of choice when describing idiotic things that people do is "You cant fix stupid" Perhaps we were not stupid so much as ignorant because of the culture we grew up in back in the 50s. To test a" good shotgun" we would see whose...