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    Lack of post/lack of birds

    They will be planting plenty of them this year for you, if ya want to pay for them.
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    Sharps and huns

    Thats funny.
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    ND 2020 PLOTS guide published

    Use Use to be lots more and better plots than there is now.
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    Should be another good year.
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    1st week of pheasant season.

    Besides plots is there any other land a nonresident cannot hunt?
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    Quiet seasons over

    Anyone been out yet?
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    Bird forcast.

    Just wondering how its looking for this year in the eastern part? Are you in a drought?
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    Wondering what you think the season will be like and did the new maps come out yet?
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    Tick control

    Just wondering what everyone is using? Anyone using nexguard if so what is the going rate and are you happy with the results?
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    Mi 2016 PF State Convention

    This is held at Eagle Eye convention center near Lansing. It will be January 16 registration 8:30. It is an all day event with a banquet in the evening. If you want to find out about the Restoration projects this is the place to learn. I have been to quite a few a nice way to kill a winter day...
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    Sure is quiet

    Hunting season is started and there is no action on here.:confused: